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See how bionic teacher Kath uses her Hero Arms

Kath’s life changed in the lead up to Christmas in 2019 when she caught a fever she couldn’t shake. That night Kath suffered 11 cardiac arrests and sepsis spread throughout her body. Her family were by her bed-side and told she wasn’t going to survive. 18-months on and Kath is just coming out of her recovery following a quadruple amputation to save her life. She has been able to go back to teaching with two Hero Arms.

Meet the Hero Arm

The Hero Arm™ is an advanced, lightweight, 3D printed bionic arm, with multi-grip functionality and empowering aesthetics.

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I am able to write on the board, carry books, and teach with my Hero Arms which is a dream come true.

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Meet the Hero Flex

A new activity arm that keeps up with the beat of your life. Dive into water sports with the Hero Flex™ as it’s fully water safe, allowing you to enjoy anything from kayaking, to paddle-boarding.

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Watch John flex for freedom

Using the latest in MJF 3D printing, Hero Flex is robust, but super-lightweight so it doesn’t weigh you down. Weightlifting at the gym 3-4 days per week, John hopes to break a World Record for weightlifting. “To set the world record for weightlifting with an impairment would create such a positive outcome out of all the struggles I’ve endured in the past two-years with my arm amputation.”

Being able to work out at the gym and build muscle again is amazing. I’ve pushed the Hero Flex to its weight limit and it didn’t disappoint. – John Whitman, 41

Meet the Hero Gauntlet

The Hero Gauntlet™ is a new stylish partial hand prosthesis offering you greater independence, comfort, and confidence when doing single and two-handed activities. Combining industry leading features and state-of-the art 3D printed materials, enjoy enhanced range of motion and freedom of movement at your fingertips.

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Easy rider Mo

“I travelled to LA where I was quoted over $70,000 for 3 digits. My prosthetist could only offer a metal hook powered by shoulder movement. I developed carpal tunnel syndrome from the overuse and strain of my left hand. I’ve been wearing the Hero Gauntlet for 6 months now and it’s incredible. The functionality enables me to rely on my right hand so much more.”    – Mo Ali, 40, Hero Gauntlet wearer


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