Meet the new companion for your Hero Arm

Packed with features that allow you to personalize, train and track performance, master your Hero Arm faster with Sidekick.

Our Sidekick app is here to ensure Hero Arm users can easily adopt and make the most out of their new bionic arm. Three years in development,  Sidekick is packed with training videos, how-to guides, performance tracking, and personalization features, pair it with a Bluetooth enabled Hero Arm to unlock all features. Register your interest in Hero Arm X Sidekick.

Sync your Hero Arm with your phone

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Level up your Hero Arm

Adjust Hero Arm LED brightness, beeper volume, vibration power and check battery status all from your phone.

Train, Track, Store & Share Progress

Using Sidekick, you can now record, store and share how your muscles interact with the Hero Arm sensors, giving you confidence about the adoption progress of your new bionic arm.

Let Sidekick help with training

This industry-leading feature allows you to enjoy interactive challenges with your Hero Arm to test grip strength and response rates.

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