A new activity arm that keeps up with the beat of your life

Flex for Form

Using the latest in MJF 3D printing, Hero Flex is robust, but super-lightweight so it doesn’t weigh you down.

Being able to work out at the gym and build muscle again is amazing. I’ve pushed the Hero Flex to its weight limit and it didn’t disappoint. – John Whitman, 41

With the Hero Flex I feel like I can drum for hours. I don’t have to stop the band to rest, the Flex arms are so light I can just enjoy the music and drum without thinking about what is on my arms. – Tilly Lockey, 18

Flex for Fun

Featuring an industry-first adjustable BOA, giving you greater control of how you want your arm to fit to make sure you’re always ready for the big finish.

I loved playing golf it was something that I did for “me”. I played with a myo but it ultimately was just too heavy and left my arm bruised and sore because of the weight so I quit. With the HeroFlex there’s no comparison, I can now play golf weekly! – Michelle, Texas, USA

Feel the airflow as you move. The Hero Flex is fully ventilated and includes a 3D printed socket made from using flexible materials to give your arm optimal comfort and support as it moves. With lateral flow ventilations, the skin can naturally cool down without moisture build up.

Flex for Freedom

Dive into water sports with the Hero Flex as it’s fully water safe, allowing you to enjoy anything from kayaking, to paddle-boarding.

Compatible with over 50 terminal devices including TRS/Fillauer, get out there and get after it with Hero Flex