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We’re partnering with clinicians all over the world to manufacture Hero Arms for both adults and children over eight years old with acquired or congenital below-elbow upper limb differences. The Hero Arm is a lightweight myoelectric prosthetic arm with versatile multi-grip functionality, an adjustable and breathable socket, high-performance batteries and microprocessors, and empowering aesthetics.

Hero Arm now fully PDAC approved

Now that the Hero Hand has received official PDAC Approval for code L6880, clinicians across the US can fit Hero Arms and bill payors with confidence.

Seeking PDAC Approval is a voluntary process and is just one of the ways Open Bionics is investing in our clinical partners to make delivering upper limb prosthetics easier and more efficient.

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Multi-grip & Versatile

The Hero Arm has up to six easy-to-select grips, such as fist, hook, pinch and tripod, as well as a manually posable thumb and wrist, giving your patients outstanding versatility and proportional control to perform light to moderate everyday activities. The soft urethane pads on the fingertips and palm provide superb grip security and freeze mode allows users to intuitively lock a grip. The carry load for hook grip is 8kg, and the speed of pinch grip fully closing is 0.5 seconds.

Durable & Reliable

The Hero Arm is durable and reliable. The prosthesis is a medically certified and FDA registered Class 1 medical device. All 3D-printed parts in the hand are laser sintered from tough Nylon 12, which has a tensile strength of 48 MPa, and the tendons in the hand are made from the world’s strongest fiber. Your patients can also choose up to 5 years of standard or premium warranty, with the premium warranty covering accidental damage. Our friendly team are committed to offering the highest levels of customer support internationally.

Lightweight & Comfortable

Weight is one of the biggest reasons why people abandon prosthetic arms, and that’s why we’ve made the Hero Arm super lightweight, with each full prosthesis weighing less than 1kg (2.2lbs). The bionic hand comes in small, medium and large, and at 280g – 346g (0.62lbs – 0.76lbs), is by far the lightest multi-grip bionic hand on the market. The socket is flexible and breathable and it can be tightened or loosened with ease by simply turning the BOA dial, giving your patients exceptional fit and comfort throughout the day.

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Accessible & Stylish

The Hero Arm is the only advanced multi-grip bionic arm that’s affordable enough to be covered by national healthcare systems in major western markets, and it’s the world’s only multi-grip bionic arm for children over the age of eight. The Hero Arm has a sleek design and can be fitted with a range of custom covers, including a Star Wars BB-8, Marvel Iron Man and Disney Frozen for children, and more sophisticated cover designs for adults. Every Hero Arm comes with 1 free set of covers and a standard 1-year warranty and can be ordered with ease by clinicians through our online order form.

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