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Greetings from Austin! At Open Bionics, we know that each patient’s experience is unique. It’s our goal to understand the emotional and physical needs of all our patients, to customize their experience, and to determine how the Hero Arm can best help them reach their goals. This is why we’re excited to have a new prosthetic clinic in Austin, so more patients have the space to consult, learn, and try the latest bionic technologies we have to offer. 

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The first step in your bionic journey

The first step in your Hero Arm journey is to register on our website. Once registered, a member of our qualification team will reach out to ensure the Hero Arm is right for you. After determining you are an ideal candidate, we’ll set up a video call with our in-house prosthetist so they can answer questions. If funding support is required, you’ll be directed to our funding support team! We’re going to support you through every step of your journey.

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Who will I meet at the Austin clinic?

We’re excited to welcome you to our new Austin clinic! Here, you’ll meet Sarah. After growing up in Northern California, Sarah attained her bachelors in Bioengineering from UCLA, and her  masters in prosthetic and orthotics from the University of Pittsburgh. Sarah completed her orthotic residency in Northeast Ohio before moving closer to family in Central Texas. Sarah lives with her husband and her two young kids in the northern Austin area, and loves to get out and explore. Sarah taught medical sciences at a high school to students aspiring to enter the medical field, and is super excited to use her recent experience with the paediatric population to provide a better prosthetic experience for children in particular.

What your first appointment will look like at our Austin Clinic

If you choose the Open Bionics clinic in Austin, you will be guaranteed to get the Hero Arm for the lowest possible cost available. During your free consultation, we will go over your prosthetic needs and go through social, medical, and prosthetic history to get a better understanding of your goals and how you think the Hero Arm will impact your life. Also, Sarah will assess your limb presentation, determine muscle sites for the Hero Arm electrodes to read and then place the trial kit on your arm. These are all non-invasive practices that will allow you to get an idea of how the Hero Arm would work on your arm.

Demo the Hero Arm

At your 1st appointment, our prosthetist will do a Hero Arm trial for free which will allow you to practise muscle contractions needed to open and close the hand. Once we find the best muscle sites to place the Hero Arm electrodes and you have had plenty of time to practice, we will get measurements of your limb and a scan or a cast to begin making a Hero Arm liner that fits you perfectly!

Time to test the fit

At your next appointment, we’ll check that the socket is a perfect fit and that you can undertake a number of activities while wearing it. We’ll note any changes or pressure points that need to be adjusted in the final Hero Arm. We’ll also make sure there is adequate suspension so the final Hero Arm stays on your arm comfortably while giving you a good range of motion. Once we have the optimal fit, you’ll use the Hero Arm trial kit again to further practice the muscle contractions, and we’ll test the final length to make sure it looks good and you are happy with it!

Unboxing Day!

Your final appointment will be the day you get to take home your Hero Arm! We’ll assess the overall fit of the final Hero Arm and make any minor adjustments as needed. We’ll also go through a training session to make sure you understand how to operate the Hero Arm and ensure it’s functioning properly. We’ll also go through any movements and tasks you’d like to achieve. After the final delivery of the Hero Arm, we offer remote follow up appointments. These can be used as additional training sessions or to answer any questions that may come up. If further adjustments are needed after the final fitting, we’ll also offer in-person adjustment and follow up appointments if you prefer. We suggest having the first remote video follow-up about 1 month after you take the Hero Arm home.

Services you can expect to receive at our clinic

Perfect Fit Promise
Cheapest Hero Arm in the US
Support and training after you receive your Hero Arm
Fully qualified prosthetic care
Upgrades and maintenance for your Hero Arm

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Please note our clinic is open Monday – Friday by appointment only. You can find us located at:

Office 529 – 9442 Capital of Texas Highway North, Plaza 1 Suite 500, Austin, Texas 78759

If you have a question about your appointment or would like to speak to a Hero Arm prosthetist, please contact us on: