Open Bionics

Introducing the Hero Arm

Hero Arm

Meet the world's first clinically tested, medically certified, and FDA registered 3D-printed bionic arm. Available now at prosthetics clinics in the UK. Grab, pinch, high-five, fist bump, thumbs-up. Welcome to the future, where disabilities are superpowers.

Open Bionics ambassadors - Dan, Tilly, Luke and Kate

Super cool bionics

There are an estimated 5 million upper limb amputees globally. Open Bionics is building and developing the next generation of bionic limbs and turning disabilities into superpowers.

Tilly Lockey - Open Bionics

In the media

Our life-changing work has been featured in the media all around the world. Where there's a bionic hero wearing an Open Bionics Hero Arm, a camera is never far away...