Choose custom prosthetic covers for your Hero Arm

Our stylish magnetic custom prosthetic covers for the Hero Arm will allow you to mix and match your bionic arm based on your personality and mood. We have over 50 different colours, designs and textures. Here’s a little flavour of the different types of Hero Arm covers you can choose when purchasing the Hero Arm.

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Venom Snake Hero Arm
Venom Snake Hero Arm

Discover Special Edition Covers

From Disney’s Frozen, to Metal Gear Solid ‘Venom Snake’ our special edition Hero Arm covers are unique and easy to clip onto your Hero Arm.

Disney Hero Arm Covers for Children

Our Hero Arm is suitable for children as young as 8-years old. We work with partners like Disney to help turn disabilities into superpowers.

Discover Disney Hero Arm Covers

Vortex Covers

Express yourself with Vortex custom prosthetic covers for the Hero Arm; a brand new dynamic design for adults. The Vortex covers are available in a variety of colours and custom-manufactured to perfectly fit your Hero Arm. The Vortex Covers for the Hero Arm are custom-made from 3D printed PLA plastic. We’ll offer a replacement for defective or broken covers up to 3 months from purchase date. There are over 12 colours to choose from for the Vortex Covers.


Chic and stylish, the Harlequin Covers for the Hero Arm offer a strikingly subtle geometric design for adults. The Harlequin Covers are available in a variety of colours, and are custom-manufactured to perfectly fit your Hero Arm.

custom prosthetic covers
custom prosthetic covers

Regenerate Covers

Our most popular cover options, the Regenerate covers give Hero Arm users the option to choose a variety of colours to suit their personalities. You can choose anything from bold yellow to dark purple.

Handala Prosthetic Covers

The Handala Covers are custom-made to fit your Hero Arm using state-of-the-art 3D-printing. The Handala Covers were designed as a collaboration between our awesome engineers and Bristol-based artist and draughtsman Dan Bowler. Dan works mostly with mandalas, and his art is created as a fusion of meditation, healing, learning and a form of cosmic playfulness.

Hanger Hero Arm

Find out more about our Hanger : Hero Arm partnership

We are proud to be working with a prestigious clinic to offer the Hero Arm in over 800 locations across the USA.

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