How much does a prosthetic arm cost?

How much does a prosthetic arm cost in 2024? The answer is not straightforward, but the most popular funding pathways are health insurance, fundraising, charitable donations/ grants, and self-funding. At Open Bionics our product range starts from $5,999 and our team is here to help you reach your goal of finding the right prosthesis and the right funding pathway.

Does health insurance cover costs of a prosthetic arm?

Yes! But by far, the biggest frustration experienced along the journey of obtaining a quality, functional prosthesis is navigating through insurance coverage.  It’s always a nerve-wrecking process  trying to find out if your insurance will cover a particular type of prosthesis that you are interested in or if you are able to go to the prosthetics provider of your choice. For those of you with upper limb differences, looking for a technologically advanced, functional prosthetic solution such as a Hero Arm, things can get even tricker as insurance companies and your medical team, including many prosthetists, tend to have much less experience with upper limb prosthetic technology when compared to lower limb options.

Luckily for you, at Open Bionics, we submit claims daily for Hero Arms and have compiled a list of insurance companies that tend to approve multi-grip myoelectric arms and those that tend to be consistent with denying them, and we’d like to share the results as well as give a few tips to help you while navigating through your insurance coverage.

We would like to start by saying, this is in no way an attempt to lead anyone toward a certain insurance company or to globally rule out coverage possibilities for certain payors.  Keep in mind that prosthetic coverage is not the only factor to consider when choosing an insurance plan, especially for those that frequently have other medical costs to consider.

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Over 70% of Hero Arm orders across the US are funded by insurance. However as we expand the range of prosthetics we offer, we are now seeing more people choosing to self-fund. – Samantha Payne, co-founder Open Bionics

Richard crowdfunded for his Hero Arm in two weeks

After seeing the Hero Arm Richard from Michigan knew he wanted one to motivate him to reach his personal goals. However, after multiple insurance claims denials, Richard couldn’t wait any longer and with the help of the Open Bionics funding success team he launched a GoFund me campaign and raised $10,000 in two weeks for a Hero Arm of his own.

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Charitable organizations & grants

We have a funding support team who will go the extra mile to help you reach your goal of getting the funds needed for a Hero Arm.

Sarah is our funding expert. She has helped over 100 people secure funding for their device and care. Sarah knows exactly what it’s like to have to search for funding as the mother of Tilly, a bilateral amputee, and as the former fundraising manager of Meningitis Now.

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