FAQ 10: Does health insurance cover prosthetics?

Whether you have a congenital or acquired limb difference, your insurance should support you in your decision to explore prostheses options. If you have an upper limb difference, the below information from our community might help answer your query – does health insurance cover prosthetics? If you would like to speak to us about Hero Arm funding and insurance, please register below.

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Laiken had insurance denied twice before final approval

Laiken from Louisiana was born with a limb difference and had to work really hard to get insurance to approve the costs of getting a bionic arm – “the first time my insurance claim was denied for a bionic arm, I was offered an arm with a heavy body harness most commonly known to be worn by military men. It was so heavy and put a strain on the whole body which seemed so counter-intuitive.

Laiken's bionic journey

Over 70% of Hero Arm orders across the US are funded by insurance. However as we bring the costs of the Hero Arm down, we are now seeing more people choosing to self-fund. – Samantha Payne, CEO Open Bionics

Available through most insurance companies

Jeff only paid a minimal sum after insurance covered costs of the Hero Arm

A year on with the Hero Arm

Richard couldn't wait for another insurance denial for his prosthesis

After seeing the Hero Arm Richard from Michigan knew he wanted one to motivate him to reach his personal goals. However, after multiple insurance claims denials, Richard couldn’t wait any longer and with the help of the Open Bionics funding success team he launched a GoFund me campaign and raised $10,000 in two weeks for a Hero Arm of his own.

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Michelle lost her arm in a work related incident

Michelle has been wearing multiple prostheses options since her 20s, but found them to be difficult to control and heavy for all day wear. After seeing the Hero Arm, Michelle knew it wasn’t going to be a typical myoelectric “I prayed and prayed that it wouldn’t be like the others, and it wasn’t. It’s so so much better.” Michelle had the costs of the Hero Arm covered by her insurance after proving her ability to control the technology.

What if insurance won’t cover costs of a Hero Arm?

First thing to know is that we on your side and will work with you to help you reach your goal of getting a Hero Arm. Through manufacturing automation and implementation of new materials, we have been able to make savings and pass those back to our customers making the Hero Arm three times cheaper than any other myo on the market.

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