Hero Arm Funding Support Available

Here at Open Bionics, our mission is to make bionic arms accessible across the world. While our Hero Arm is three times cheaper than any other multi-grip prosthesis, we know financing can take a toll. We work with incredible donors, charitable trusts and organizations to help individuals cover costs needed to get a bionic arm. Here are some of the ways we have helped individuals successfully secure fund for a Hero Arm. To find out more about funding options available and eligibility, register your interest for the Hero Arm.

Get Me A Hero Arm

I had all my Hero Arm costs covered within months and it was the most relaxing and calm experience – Daniel Cant

Turning Disabilities into Superpowers

Our passionate team of experts work with individuals with below-elbow limb differences to help them reach their goals of getting a Hero Arm. When you register, our funding success team will be in touch and put together a completely free of charge custom funding supports package for you to review and consider. Whichever options you choose, our team will be there to help you every step of the way.

Meet the Open Bionics Foundation

Successful Funding Campaigns

Richard from Ohio crowdfunded a third of the costs needed for a Hero Arm in two weeks

Richard Slusher was born with a congenital limb difference and decided it was time for a change. After being denied multiple times by health insurance, he set up a GoFundMe page and amassed over $2,000 in a matter of hours. In early 2021 Richard was fitted with a Hero Arm and since has spoken very candidly about the changes he wants to see in the US healthcare system to allow for easier access to prosthetic limbs.

Richard worked with the Open Bionics Funding Success Team to set up the crowdfunding campaign.

Richard's bionic journey

Enas qualified for a charitable trust donation to cover costs

Enas was born with a limb difference and after going through a difficult time being bullied at school, she decided it was time for a change. Enas worked with the Open Bionics Foundation to put together a crowdfunding video and set up a page. She raised some funds needed through a crowdfunding campaign and then had the support of The Worshipful Company of the Glovers London who donated the rest of the funds needed for her to get a Hero Arm.

Enas worked with the Open Bionics Funding Success Team to apply for charitable trust donations which were successfully approved.

See Enas' Crowdfunding campaign

Callum got full funds and Hero Arm in 2 months!

Callum works at supermarket and felt it was time to get a prosthesis that would help him with dual-hand activities at work. With the support of the Open Bionics Funding Success Team Callum launched his crowdfunding campaign and reached his target of funds needed in two months!

“Great news, I’m going to pick up my new bionic arm on Thursday 22nd, I’m so excited, there’s so many things I can’t wait to try using the arm.”



Callum's crowdfunding campaign

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Bionic Bev can now ride a bike!

Beverley wanted a change from her old prosthesis, so opted to start a crowdfunding campaign for a Hero Arm. With the support of a charitable trust, Beverley achieved her funding goal and was fitted with a Hero Arm.

‘It’s amazing to think that this could be achieved during a pandemic, I can’t believe I will be getting my own Hero Arm!’

Bionic Bev's crowdfunding campaign

Alan had 100% of Hero Arm costs covered

11-year old Alan caught an infection when he was a child which resulted in him needing to get both of his arms amputated. After trying multiple prostheses options, Alan thought they were heavy and got in the way. When Alan saw the Hero Arm he knew it would be the right prosthesis for him. Alan applied for one of the Open Bionics Foundation grants and received 100% of his funding for a Hero Arm.

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Bionic gran gets Hero Arm

Kim Smith had all four of her limbs amputated after contracting sepsis whilst on holiday in Spain with her husband. Her daughter helped her launch a crowdfunding campaign to get a Hero Arm to support her with daily activities.

Hundreds of people donated and Kim was able to raise all funds needed to cover costs of getting a Hero Arm.

Daniel had his Hero Arm fully funded by a charitable trust

Daniel’s son convinced his dad to register his interest for a Hero Arm, after looking for hero arms for dads on google. Daniel shared his story of being in a car accident 30 years ago which resulted in him needing to get an amputation of his arm. Our team worked with Daniel and put him in touch with a charitable trust that was more than happy to help Daniel get 100% of the funds needed for a Hero Arm.

Daniel secured all funds needed in a matter of weeks for his Hero Arm.

Three months on – Q&A with Hero Arm user Daniel Cant

Gaming company Yogscast part funded Kacey's Hero Arm

Kacey was recently denied disability payments, but she really wanted a Hero Arm to help her gain extra independence. Her family launched a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds for a Hero Arm. Gaming company YogsCast contributed to help Kacey raise the funds needed for her Hero Arm.

A Bionic Squad member helped fundraise for Ruby

A recent Hero Arm user fundraised more than the required amount for a Hero Arm so decided to carry on her crowdfunding campaign to help little Ruby get a Star Wars Hero Arm!

Lisa's back pain has gone after she was fitted with a Hero Arm

Lisa was born with a limb difference and suffered multiple injuries from the over-use of her right arm. Determined to help her family more, with the support of the Open Bionics funding success team Lisa set up a crowdfunding campaign and was overwhelmed at the response. To help Lisa reach her funding goal, the Douglas Bader Foundation offered Lisa a charitable grant so she could get her Hero Arm.