Our work with the Open Bionics Foundation

The Open Bionics Foundation is a charitable trust that funds advanced and affordable prosthetic arms for amputees and people with limb differences who are unable to afford such life-changing assistive technology. Click below if you want to find out more about the Open Bionics Foundation or to get involved.

Open Bionics Foundation

Established in 2019

The Foundation is governed by an independent Board of Trustees, and has been set up to support individuals and families cover costs of acquiring a prosthesis. We agree with the Open Bionics Foundation that having 4 limbs is a Human Right.

Over £700k donated!

The Foundation is funded by extremely generous philanthropists, charitable trusts and general public donations. Some people that have been supported by OBF like to go on and fundraise so that other people can get a prosthesis they want. 

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Working with you every step of the way

The Foundation is made up of passionate people to help individuals get the funds they need to get a prosthesis. Once you register your interest for a Hero Arm and we can establish eligibility, if you have expressed interest in needing funding support we will introduce you to the OBF who will then work with you to either get an application filled out for full funding support, help set up a crowdfunding campaign or advise on alternative financing routes you can explore.

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Charitable partnerships

As well as receiving donations from charitable trusts and amazing organisations, the Foundation also partners with other non-profits like Dan’s Fund for Burns to ensure individuals have access to medical devices they need. If you are a charity who would like to fund for a prosthetic limb for an individual, please get in touch here.

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Crowdfunding for a Hero Arm

We meet individuals from all walks of life, and they often choose to crowdfund for a Hero Arm and embark on a whole journey of becoming bionic. If you are thinking of crowdfunding for a Hero Arm, register your interest first and we will support you any way we can to help you achieve your goal.

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