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Join us in our mission to make the Hero Arm accessible across the globe. Donate to any of the live fundraising campaigns below to help make someone bionic.

Jacob wants an Iron Man Hero Arm

Me and Mummy went to an event and there I saw a stand with lots of different prosthetic arms and hands which was very cool, but then I saw an actual real life IRON MAN ARM! I ran over and it was a real robotic superhero arm called ‘Hero Arm’ made by Open Bionics. It was the coolest arm I’ve ever seen, that’s when i asked my Mummy if I could have this arm, then i’ll be a real life Superhero!

Jacob's crowdfunding campaign

Billy was born with a limb difference and wants to be bionic

Billy is nearly ten years old now and all he wants is to be like his friends. He thought that one day his arm would grow to be the same as the left one and that he would grow fingers too. His dream now is to have a bionic hero arm.

Billy's Crowdfunding Campaign

Help quad amputee Michael get a Hero Arm

Between 2012 and 2017 l had 20 to 30 operations resulting in having both legs amputated and both hands amputated. It’s the first time I’ve actually written that down. I’m finding it quite difficult.

I think and hope a Hero Arm would greatly improve my quality of life. The list is endless, l used to love fishing l would be able to hold a fishing rod, just being able to pick things up with my right hand.

Read Michael's bionic journey

Meet the Open Bionics Foundation

The Open Bionics Foundation is a charitable trust that funds advanced and affordable prosthetic arms for amputees and people with limb differences who are unable to afford such life-changing assistive technology.

Established in 2019

The Foundation is governed by an independent Board of Trustees, and has been set up to support individuals and families cover costs of acquiring a prosthesis.

Grants & Donations Available

The Foundation is funded by extremely generous philanthropists, charitable trusts, general public donations, and organisations from around the world. Some people that have been supported by the charity carry on working with our team to  help fundraise so that other people can get a prosthesis they want. 

Working with you every step of the way

The Open Bionics Foundation is made up of passionate people with real life experiences in the limb difference community. Once you register your interest for a Hero Arm, and we can establish medical eligibility virtually, if you have expressed interest in needing funding support, we will introduce you to our funding success team. Our team will work with you to put together a custom funding plan to help you secure the funds needed to cover costs of getting a Hero Arm.

Meet Sarah

Charitable partnerships

As well as receiving donations from charitable trusts and amazing organisations, the Open Bionics Foundation also partners with other non-profits like Dan’s Fund for Burns to ensure individuals have access to medical devices they need. If you are a charity who would like to fund for a prosthetic limb for an individual, please get in touch here.

Contact to Partner with us

Crowdfunding for a Hero Arm

We meet individuals from all walks of life, and they often choose to crowdfund for a Hero Arm and embark on a whole journey of becoming bionic. If you are thinking of crowdfunding for a Hero Arm, register your interest and we will support you any way we can to help you achieve your goal.

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