Tilly Lockey X Superdrug

13th June 2024

In celebration of Superdrug’s 60th birthday, the drugstore brand has recreated pinnacle makeup looks dating back to the 60s. Featured in their Edit magazine, you can see Hero Arm power-user Tilly Lockey fashioning butterfly clips and shimmers, symbolic of the 00s. 

Watch Tilly recreate iconic makeup looks to celebrate Superdrug turning 60! 

“Collaborations like this are my absolute favourite! It’s so important for representation, but particularly in campaigns like this because it’s all about having fun and expressing yourself boldly and creatively, however you like to! These images are in stores up and down the UK, I hope people stumble across them and know their difference can be a cool, funky thing and not something that needs to be concealed.💗” – Tilly Lockey.

Grab the free magazine to enjoy the full list of cosmetics used to recreate the makeup look. 

Superdrug hold all the rights to this photography. They have kindly shared it with Open Bionics for publishing.

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