2nd July 2024

Open Bionics literally changed my life through their innovative technology, their passion and energy for high quality prosthetics along with their client focused approach. My experience of Open bionics has been wonderful. I believe I once described my experience of Open Bionics as a clinic patient relationship, rather than that of a business and client.
All the staff from the Research & Development to Marketing through to reception staff all care passionately about creating a professional and warm atmosphere that is welcoming, reassuring and affirming. Every step of the prosthetic process was explained and demonstrated by a personal technician, who was able to answer questions.
Open Bionics, were able to put me in touch with their dedicated team committed to helping their clients/patients fundraise for their innovative prosthetics like the Hero Arm. Being hesitant with regards to fundraising, this team was able to advise, guide and demonstrate all that I would need to do in order to fundraise. I felt this was a real personal touch which fostered depth to the client/patient relationship. I found the entire process from inquiry to fitting easy, informative and friendly. This was further cemented with outstanding aftersales care.
I cannot recommend Open Bionics enough to anyone that is looking for prosthetic arms, whether this be an upgrade or first prosthetic. The technology is incredible with regards to functionality, weight, design and versatility of the multiple cover designs.
Having not had a prosthetic for over 16 years, I was highly sceptical that I would even be able to operate in myoelectric prosthetic, particularly when the NHS told me that there wasn’t enough signal in the area of my limb difference. The Technician, took this as a challenge and was totally confident that there would be away for me to operate the Hero Arm. In less than two hours the technician had achieved his goal and I had for the first time in 16 years operated a hand via my limb difference.
Open Bionics have given me a level of independence back that I had once lost. This has had a positive impact on my family and my calling as a Priest. My Hero Arm as quickly become part of my identity and feels natural with regards to operating the hand. I don’t think this would have been impossible without the experience and professionalism of Open Bionics.
Thank you to the whole team at Open Bionics and may you continue to grow and have positive impacts on many many more lives.
Bionic Rev