4th July 2024

My favourite thing is that the Hero Arm allows me to do things that I never could before, without it.
I would say to anyone thinking about getting a Hero Arm, just go for it. My bionic journey  marked the start of a completely new chapter in my life, one that I thought would never be possible. Living with a limb difference has always been a major insecurity for me so never did I think that after twenty three years of living with a limb difference I would be able to experience what its like to have both arms. Over the last two years the Hero Arm has allowed me to do things that I thought would  never be physically possible, it has also helped me build my confidence enough to finally be able to view my limb difference as something positive rather than an insecurity. Now when people stop to ask about my limb difference it’s mostly because they want to learn more about my Hero Arm. It’s even been a point of conversation when I  met Russel Howard at one of his stand up shows last year! When I first received my Hero Arm I made a point by saying that I would need to learn to live life all over again but with both arms this time and even after two years I am still learning. My bionic journey  has been one the most incredible experiences of my life, one for which I will forever be grateful!