Hero Arm for Double Arm Amputees

Here at Open Bionics we develop medical devices that enhance the human body, starting with the Hero Arm. If you are a double arm amputee looking to gain more independence, confidence or just curios about technology innovation in prosthetics – meet the Hero Arm.

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The Hero Arm is comfortable for all day wear

We have designed a socket exclusively for the Hero Arm. The unique material allows the socket to expand as you undertake different activities to give you comfort, and additional ventilation features ensure the skin can breathe even in hot conditions.

Pinch, hold, grip, fist-bump

The Hero Arm has two sensors inside, one sits above the elbow and one under the elbow. These sensors read muscle movements as you go about your day, and translates these muscle movements into bionic finger motions. We also work with you to ensure any activities you really want to do with the Hero Arm can be achieved.

Your arm, your rules

With the Hero Arm you can choose from over 50 different designs so you can really make it an extension of your personality.

We have funding support available

While the Hero Arm is a third of the price of most advanced myoelectric solutions available, we know funding can still take a toll. We have a funding success team who offer free funding support and are dedicated to helping every individual reach their goal of getting a Hero Arm. Register below and speak to someone about the support and grants we have available.

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Meet our Bionic Squad

Every person that gets fitted with a Hero Arm joins a community of champions who help raise awareness of the need for more accessible prostheses solutions, break barriers surrounding limb difference and empower each other to reach their goals.

Bionic Tilly

As a baby, Tilly contracted a deadly form of meningitis called meningococcal septicaemia, and had to undergo an operation to have both her hands amputated. Tilly is now fifteen, and is the proud owner of two super stylish Hero Arms.

Bionic Tilly

Bionic Alan wanted something lightweight

When Alan was a baby he had a heart problem which needed surgery. Unfortunately there were some complications which resulted in him needing to get both of his arms amputated. This hasn’t stopped Alan from undertaking anything he sets his mind to. After wearing multiple prostheses and giving up on them because the function wasn’t right and they were too heavy Alan found out about the Hero Arm.

Watch Alan's Story

Bionic Susan survived sepsis

Read Susan's Story

Kath's bionic journey coming soon.

From the first appointment, it felt like the Open Bionics team were on my side and talked through options of how I could get a Hero Arm. – Daniel Cant

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