Our partnership with Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics. We are working with Hanger Clinic to deliver affordable multi-grip bionic arms to the limb-different community across the USA. If you are interested to get the Hero Arm fitted by Hanger Clinic, register your details below and we will refer you to your nearest clinic.

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One of the first U.S. recipients of the Hero Arm

One of the first U.S. recipients of the Hero Arm is 14-year-old Hanger Clinic patient Meredith Gross, a high school freshman who was born missing part of her lower left arm. Meredith, a competitive golfer and volleyball player, previously used sports-specific prostheses, but is now for the first time exploring the possibility of using a multi-articulating arm for everyday tasks many take for granted, such as tying her shoes, riding a bike, and writing with her left hand.


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Hero Arm available in 800 locations

Open Bionics has partnered with Hanger Clinic to bring the technology to the U.S., making the Hero Arm available via over 800 Hanger Clinic locations nationwide, with consultation and fitting with Hanger Clinic’s group of national upper limb specialists.

Open Bionics wins Hanger Clinic Innovation Award

“We are hugely honoured for the Hero Arm to be recognised by Hanger’s team. They are an incredible team of upper limb clinicians and together we’ve created some amazing patient moments. The Hero Arm was co-designed with people with limb differences and this award really celebrates the coming together of patient feedback, clinical expertise, and industry. – Samantha Payne, CEO – Open Bionics

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