Open Bionics wins Hanger Innovation Award from Hanger Clinic

24th May 2020

Open Bionics and the Hero Arm honored at Hanger LIVE 2020

Open Bionics was recognised with the 2019 Innovation Award at the 7th annual Hanger Partner Awards. The awards ceremony was held in Nashville, Tennessee, at Hanger LIVE, Hanger’s annual education conference. 

Samantha Payne, Co-founder of Open Bionics, said: “We are hugely honoured for the Hero Arm to be recognised by Hanger’s team. They are an incredible team of upper limb clinicians and together we’ve created some amazing patient moments. The Hero Arm was co-designed with people with limb differences and this award really celebrates the coming together of patient feedback, clinical expertise, and industry. Hanger Clinic has become a home in the US for the Hero Arm and we’re exceptionally excited to continue working together and bring more innovations to the field. Watch this space!”

As a highly sensitive human, living with a limb difference has been rough. The Hero Arm has completely changed my world. – Kate Kehayes

The Hero Arm is a multi-grip myoelectric arm for adults and children aged 8 and over. The lightweight device, which launched in the U.S.A in April 2019, has versatile multi-grip functionality, an adjustable and breathable socket, high-performance batteries and microprocessors, and empowering aesthetics. Adult users can choose stylish sophisticated covers, and children can choose from a Disney superhero range, including Star Wars BB-8, Marvel Iron Man, and Disney Frozen Hero Arm covers

32 year-old Hero Arm user Kate Kehayes, who was fitted with her Hero Arm at the Hanger Clinic in Raleigh, NC, said: “As a highly sensitive human, living with a limb difference has been rough. I spent years with my arm glued to my side, covered with a jacket or purse, trying so hard not to be noticed. The Hero Arm has completely changed my world. I’m now able to connect confidently with people in a way that makes me feel superhuman rather than barely there.”  

Hanger, Inc., is a leading provider of orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) patient care, as well as a distributor of O&P services and products. Each Hanger Partner Award winner is carefully selected by members of Hanger’s clinical and operational teams, and the awards recognize exceptional supplier partners for their role in manufacturing products used to deliver orthotic and prosthetic care and empower patients’ lives every day.

The Innovation award recognizes a partner that exhibited expansive thinking in product innovation and technology, resulting in positive clinical outcomes. Open Bionics was chosen to receive the award due to their innovative manufacturing methods and user centric design.