Austin prosthetics solutions for upper limb amputees

6th June 2024

Very soon we will be opening up our prosthetic clinic in Austin, Texas to offer prosthetic services that enable our users to get their Hero Arm, Hero Flex (activity prosthesis), or Hero Gauntlet (partial hand prosthesis) by working with us, the creators of the tech, directly. Visit the clinic’s web page here to find out the full list of Austin prosthetics solutions that will be available when we open our doors. 

Texas is the home of our earliest adopters! Meet below-elbow amputee Michelle, who uses her Hero Flex for golfing and her Hero Arm to help when she’s whipping up some pancakes. And Jeff, who was the very first person in Texas to be fitted with a Hero Arm. 

If you’re not an early adopter of our tech but you are limb different and would like to come meet us and try the tech for free at our Austin clinic, request more information by registering here. 

Once you register, our community manager Lucas will be in touch to share more information about the Hero Arm, Hero Flex or Hero Gauntlet, our Austin clinical team, funding pathways, common insurance challenges, and answer any questions you may have. 

There is no commitment from you needed, Lucas is just happy to answer questions from the limb difference community and hopefully he’ll be able to help you work out what’s possible. 

We couldn’t be happier to be coming to Texas to stay! We’re really excited to meet some of our longest users like Michelle soon. Let us know if you want to come visit!

Meet Sarah, your Austin prosthetics expert

After growing up in Northern California, Sarah attained her bachelors in Bioengineering from UCLA, and her  masters in prosthetic and orthotics from the University of Pittsburgh. Sarah completed her orthotic residency in Northeast Ohio before moving closer to family in Central Texas. Sarah lives with her husband and her two young kids in the northern Austin area, and loves to get out and explore. Sarah taught medical sciences at a high school to students aspiring to enter the medical field, and is super excited to use her recent experience with the paediatric population to provide a better prosthetic experience for children in particular.