Alita: Battle Angel Bionic Arms For Tilly

We've teamed up with 20th Fox, James Cameron and the new Robert Rodriguez-directed blockbuster, Alita: Battle Angel, to surprise 13-year-old bionic girl Tilly Lockey with brand new bionic arms at the movie's world premiere in London. Science fiction comes to life..!

Tilly lost both hands after contracting meningitis B at just fifteen months old and is one of the original Hero Arm pilot users. At the end of January 2019, we collaborated with 20th Century Fox and the Alita team to build bespoke Hero Arms for Tilly, inspired by Alita: Battle Angel – a futuristic action film where cyborgs are given bionic limbs. Tilly was surprised with a new pair of bionic Hero Arms before the world premiere in London, and she then bossed the blue carpet with her badass bionic limbs alongside the movie’s star Rosa Salazar, producer Jon Landau, and director James Cameron (who directed both Titanic and Avatar). James said: “Tilly has grown up to be an incredible person and has never let her disability hold her back in anyway.” 

Alita: Battle Angel is all about technological innovation and female empowerment, and Tilly is the perfect real life example of Alita; she uses her bionic arms as a sign of strength. Tilly’s mum, Sarah, said: “Tilly had come down to London thinking she was just coming for a photoshoot – so it was a complete surprise when Jon Landau and the film crew came in and presented her with her new Hero Arms, telling her she was a real-life Alita. It was an absolutely incredible experience, Tilly was left speechless which never happens.”

Alita: Battle Angel - Tilly Lockey

The Hero Arm is a 3D-printed multi-grip bionic arm for people with below elbow limb differences, and the first of its kind for children as young as eight years old. Hero Arm users like Tilly open and close their bionic hand and change grips by flexing muscles just below their elbow. Users can also swap covers to match their style, and we plan to release Alita: Battle Angel covers later in 2019.

Tilly with Rosa

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Tilly wears two Hero Arms, the world's most affordable bionic arms. The Hero Arm is now available through private prosthetic clinics for people with below-elbow upper limb differences, aged 8 and above.