Why the Hero Arm Trial Kit is vital to the successful fitting of a Hero Arm

30th November 2022

For instructions on our Trial Kit, please click HERE

*The trial kit is intended to be used within a clinical environment only and under the supervision of a prosthetist that has undergone all the relevant clinical training for this device.*

Through thorough research and development processes, Open Bionics has ensured that all clinicians have the tools necessary to provide exceptional care when fitting a Hero Arm.  One of those tools is the Trial Kit.  The trial kit allows the prosthetist to test the Hero Arm hand and electrodes on the user.  Because Open Bionics manufactures all aspects of the Hero Arm, our electrodes act differently than others on the market.  This is why it is very important to do the myo testing for a Hero Arm using the Hero Arm electrodes.  

Some of the activities that are tested with the trial kit are

● Triggering the EMGs to control hand function

● Pick and place tasks (objects no heavier that 1kg)

● Cycling through the multi-grip modes

Our electrodes are designed to connect directly to our Sidekick ™ app through the Bluetooth system in the Hero Hand.  From the app, the prosthetist can see the live muscle graph and share it with the patient to help visualize muscle contractions and muscle isolation. As the prosthetist manually adjusts the electrode gains, they can visualize in real time the effect the adjustments have on contraction strength and isolation. 

Using the muscle graph along with the Hero Hand provides visual feedback on how each muscle contraction operates the hand.  Then can visualize the contraction needed to switch between grip modes, operate freeze mode, and control the speed of opening/closing the hand. 

The Hero Arm Trial kit is also one of the few that actually lets the user operate the hand in real time during an initial evaluation or consultation appointment.  This not only shows more than just muscle contractions, but can act as an initial training appointment where they can begin to learn how to operate the hand and incorporate it into their daily life. 

Also included in the Sidekick ™  app is interactive training and user how to videos.  It also allows the prosthetist and user to re-arrange grips, track usage and progress, and switch it to single site control along with many other customization options. 

The trial kit can also be attached to the test socket so the user has the ability to confirm appropriate length, and alignment.  It also allows the user to practice daily tasks in the office before final fabrication.