Why 3d printed prosthetics for children is best in class

9th May 2024

We were delighted to read a recent interview in world leading OT Magazine discussing 3D printed prosthetics for children with master orthopaedic technician Sebastian Hannen in Mannheim, Germany. Sebastian is an expert in solutions for children’s prosthetics and gives a detailed overview of the solutions currently available highlighting their strengths and opportunities. 

An expert’s verdict 

What matters most to Sebastian is delivering a prosthesis for children that they will adopt. Sebastian defines adoption as a child using a prosthesis for daily wear or even for just a specific activity once per week. The point of a child’s prosthesis is to give them the ability to take on tasks that they would not be able to achieve at all, or with ease, otherwise. If the children’s prosthetic enables the child to do the one activity they want to do, then it is a success!

However, Sebastian makes clear that the benefits of wearing a prosthesis daily should not be overlooked or underestimated. This is a point that we too would like to emphasize as we receive many requests from adults who have developed painful spine, shoulder, and hand conditions as a result of overuse, overreaching, and over twisting / contorting. Sebastian would like parents and young people to carefully consider their musculoskeletal development, and believes a lightweight prosthesis like the Hero Arm may aid in the correct postural development of a growing young person. You can prevent injury and uneven development if you become proficient in using two hands.  

The article is in German and we have the link here and a part of the interview translated here. The TLDR snapshot is that the Hero Arm is currently the best prosthesis available for children for these benefits: 

🦾 Lightest weight device

🦾 Fast motorsx

🦾 Multiple grips

🦾 Widest grasp

🦾 More comfortable on the skin with air ventilation

🦾 Robust materials

🦾 Empowering and customisable designs

🦾 Most importantly, kids want to and enjoy wearing it!

Watch Sebastian fit Niclas with his own Hero Arm

I want my child to demo a Hero Arm

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