Welcome to your new Austin prosthetic center!

17th May 2024

This Austin prosthetic center will be the fifth clinic to open in the last three years, and here is what locals in Austin can expect from their new hero hub.

Very soon we will be opening up our doors in Austin, Texas to offer prosthetic services that enable our users to get their Hero Arm, Hero Flex (activity prosthesis), or Hero Gauntlet (partial hand prosthesis) by working with us, the creators of the tech, directly. 

Our local Austin clinician and address will be announced very soon but we wanted to share the news now because Texas is the home of our earliest adopters! Meet below-elbow amputee Michelle. If you’re in Texas and would like to meet with us and our founder Sammy, please let us know. We’re going to throw a little opening party or lunch to celebrate our early adopters and our move to this great state! 

If you’re not an early adopter of our tech but you are limb different and would really like to come to meet with us and try the tech, you’re very welcome to join! We will have demos you can try, lots of food, and you can meet our clinical team and ask all the questions.

What you can expect from this Austin prosthetic center

If you’re wondering what your journey with us in Austin might look like, here’s a snapshot. 

Strap in and test the Hero Arm

Your first session with your new support crew is a no commitment exploration of the device’s functionality. You get to fire up the hand and trigger the electrodes. This enables you to see whether you like the device’s control system, the free app which supports you outside of the clinic, and handle the weight of the device. 

Measure and check 

Your next session is the casting appointment, followed by the check appointment. Once you’re confident that this is a device for you the prosthetic service becomes hands-on! We’ll take your measurements and fabricate a custom socket for your arm. The fit should be perfect and we won’t create the final piece until you’re happy with the comfort. We’ll keep this design on file for life so we can re-print it any time you like. 

It’s Hero Arm delivery day! 

The final step in the prosthetic service is to deliver the custom Hero Arm to you, the new owner, ready to take home! The device comes built and working straight out of the box. You can open the box and slip the Hero Arm on and trigger the muscle electrodes right away. 

During this prosthetic service we run through a number of body movements with you to ensure the electrodes work correctly in all positions and postures. We’ll talk you through a number of activities and you are given a lot of time to practice, ask questions, and try out different exercises and activities. 

This is our favorite prosthetic service  session and we don’t let you go until you’re 100% happy with the fit and function of your new Hero Arm. 

Overall our prosthetics clinics are relaxed and at your pace. We like to build relationships with our users that expand outside of the clinic. We’re really invested in you living your best life with your new device and so our approach to sessions is casual, fun, and at your pace. If there’s anything you want to practice or spend more time on, we’re happy to spend the time working it out with you. These prosthetic services are collaborative, we become your support crew, and will encourage you to get the most out of your new Hero Arm. 

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