Try the Open Bionics Hero Arm

Curious to see how the Open Bionics Hero Arm works? Now you can! We are pleased to announce that we are launching regular Hero Arm Experience Days so you can try bionic technology for yourself while meeting fellow members of the limb difference community in an informal environment. To find out more about our next Experience Day, register your interest below.

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Here's what to expect at a Hero Arm Experience Day

Here at Open Bionics we love working with our community to develop medical devices that enhance the human body. During the Hero Arm Experience Day you will have a chance to speak with our engineers and medical team about how the Hero Arm works and share the features that you want to see in your next prosthesis.

You will also have the opportunity to test the Hero Arm technology using your arm muscles.

What is the structure of the Hero Arm Experience Day?

The Open Bionics Hero Arm Experience Day is an informal event that lets guests ask questions, meet members from the limb difference community, and see cutting-edge technology in action making Hero Arms. Read our recent blog to find out what happened at the last Hero Arm Experience Day.

Hero Arm Experience Day Blog

Who is the Hero Arm Experience Day for?

The Hero Arm Experience Day is great for anyone considering changing their current prosthesis or curious to see how the Hero Arm works with their limb presentation.

Children are welcome to attend. During our presentation on funding support, all children will be invited to decorate their own Hero Arm drawings, play games and explore our HQ where the Hero Arms are made.

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Who will I meet during the Hero Arm Experience Day?

As part of the event, we will be introducing you to core members of our team like Liz, our Customer Liaison Manager, and Sarah who helps individuals reach their funding goals to cover costs of getting a Hero Arm. We also often have Hero Arm ambassadors like Tilly popping in to say hi.


Where is the event hosted?

The Hero Arm Experience Day will be taking place at the Open Bionics Headquarters:

Programme, All Saints’ St, Bristol BS1 2LZ

Please let the event organiser know in advance if you would like us to organise car parking.

When is the next Hero Arm Experience Day?

Once your register your interest for a Hero Arm, you will be sent a link to our next Hero Arm Experience Day which will allow you to book a free guest pass for the event. Please find below all the dates for Hero Arm Experience Days for 2022:

Friday 25th February 

Friday 22nd April 

Friday 26th August 

Friday 11th November 


If you cannot make any of these dates, but would still like to try the Hero Arm and speak to a prosthetist, please register and we will arrange an appointment.

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