The Refit – A Q&A with Hero Arm User Samuel

8th January 2024

Our new Open Bionics clinic in Orlando Florida has been hard at work hitting the ground running since its doors opened in October. Our CPO Emily Shannon has been excited to bring Hero Arms to new and returning amputees, and such is the case with Samuel, a Hero Arm user who came in recently for a brand-new refit to his existing Hero Arm. We had the opportunity to chat with him about his experience during his clinic visit! 

Q: Welcome Samuel, please tell us about yourself!

A: Hi! I’m currently 13 years old and live in Oviedo, Florida, outside Orlando. I was born with a limb difference – left partial hand! I’m currently homeschooled in 8th grade but will be able to graduate early. I had some issues with public school due to bullying because of my limb difference, so I switched to homeschool in 2022. 

Q: Can you share with us your experience with limb difference and what you can do like anyone else?

A: I can do most things with one hand without a prosthesis, however my confidence and independence are the biggest benefits I’ve experienced since having the Hero Arm. 

Q: Speaking of the Hero Arm, this isn’t your first time getting one. Can you talk with us about how you first found out about it and what that experience was like? 

A: We (mom and I) found out about Open Bionics in 2021, we met Leona at an event and requested information. From there we were connected with Sarah for funding support. A donor came forward, Alita Angel Superfans, to cover the cost of my Hero Arm plus travel expenses to the Denver clinic! We enjoyed flying out to Colorado for the evaluation and test fittings, and we loved the hotel stay! That delivery was at a conference in Clearwater Florida in April 2022, and we were so excited because we joined a video call with Tilly Lockey! 

Q: That’s amazing! And since then, you’ve outgrown that socket and just received your brand-new Hero Arm, how was the new process for you in Orlando?

A: When I outgrew my first Hero Arm, I was so excited to hear about the new Orlando clinic and the scheduling and travel was a lot easier, and Emily is super awesome! 

Q: We are happy to hear that the new experience and clinic worked so well for you! What have you been using your new Hero Arm for?

A: My mom jokingly shared that she wants me to start helping around the house with cleaning, cooking, helping my sisters. I also use it for eating and cutting food (I love pancakes), playing video games, riding my bike, and I like that it gets people’s attention and people will come up to me and ask about it! 

We are so excited to continue watching Samuel’s Hero Arm journey and see what he uses it for next in his life. If you are interested in trialing a Hero Arm at our Orlando clinic with Emily, click HERE to register your interest!

Do you know anyone who would love a Hero Arm but doesn’t know how to secure funds? Register and speak to our funding success team today.

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