Prosthetic hands that move

Looking for a prosthesis upgrade that will be an extension of your personality while giving you precise function control? Meet the Hero Arm, the world’s first clinically approved 3D printed bionic arm that features prosthetic hands that move with up to six different grips. Using the Hero Arm you can control strength and motion speed of each grip, your arm, your rules.

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Finger and thumb close

This grip is also known as the fist and hook grip, where the thumb closes followed by all fingers. This grip is great for everyday activities like holding an apple or a water bottle.

Thumbs up

Similar to the grip mode above, with this grip, the thumb stays out, which is great if you want to do a thumbs up, or on a more practical level carry shopping or a briefcase.

Tripod grips

These are useful for picking up and manipulating small objects, such as car keys, coins, jar lids, pens etc.

The middle and index fingers close to meet the thumb. The ring and little fingers remain open.


The index and middle fingers then close to meet the thumb. You can make a “peace” hand signal with this grip.


The Pinch Grips are useful for manipulating small objects or picking things up off a table such as a coin or pen.

The index finger closes to meet the thumb, all other fingers remain open. You can make an “A-OK” hand sign with this grip.


When selecting this grip, the middle, ring and little fingers will close, and when sending the close signal the index finger will then close to meet the thumb. You can use this grip to point, or do a “come here” gesture.

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