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All around the world, our life-changing work has been featured in news stories, television shows, documentaries and viral videos. Where there's a bionic hero wearing a Hero Arm, a camera is never far away. On this page you'll find our most recent coverage.

Four British Medical Start-Ups To Watch In 2018

Forbes, March 14th 2018. “Bristol-based Open Bionics is a start-up that promises to revolutionise the field of prostheses by creating hi-tech affordable 3D printed prosthetics, including bionic hands. The company’s products cost a fraction of those produced by rivals…” Read full article.

These Bionic Arms Make Kids Feel Like Superheroes

Business Insider, Feb 23rd 2018. “This company is changing the way we see prostheses. Open Bionics is a UK-based start-up tech company. Its mission is to create affordable 3D printed prostheses. They are about 30 times cheaper than other prostheses on the market…” Read the full article.

How 'Star Wars' Neuroscience Is Revolutionising Healthcare

Fortune, Jan 4th 2018. “Open Bionics is commercialising Star Wars-inspired robotic hands designed in collaboration with Industrial Light & Magic, the Academy Award-winning company founded by George Lucas. Not only is the technology cutting edge and affordable, but the design makes kids proud of their prosthetics.” Read the full article.

Edinburgh Boy Gets Bionic Hand For Christmas

BBC News, December 22nd 2017. “An Edinburgh boy has told how “fireworks were going off” in his head when he was told he would get a bionic hand in time for Christmas. Cameron Millar who was born without his right hand, said he had dreamed of having the £10,000 prosthetic for a long time.” Read the full article.

NHS Launches World's First Trial Of 3D Printed Bionic Hands For Children

The Independent, June 13th 2017. “Bionic hands for children may soon be available on the NHS as the world’s first clinical trial of a new type of prosthesis begins this week. Bristol-based firm Open Bionics is working with 10 children at a local hospital during the six-month trial…” Read the full article.

The Entrepreneur Behind A Revolutionary 3D-Printed Robotic Hand

The Guardian, May 3rd 2017. “The team has created a bionic hand light and small enough for those as young as eight – groundbreaking in the prosthetics field. Older children outgrow their prosthetics quickly, often changing them once or twice a year, which makes a low-cost option appealing…” Read the full article.