Bionic Happenings

All around the world, our life-changing work has been featured in news stories, television shows, documentaries and viral videos. Where there’s a bionic hero wearing a Hero Arm, a camera is never far away. On this page you’ll find our most recent coverage.

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Spider fans hit the headlines

The latest edition to the Hero Arm superhero covers collection attracted a lot of attention. Meet the first kids to be fitted with Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy bionic arms.

Spider kids

Christa becomes oldest person to be fitted with a bionic arm in the world

Within an hour of being fitted, Christa was able to use her new bionic arm to take her dog for a walk and enjoy a hot chocolate along the bank

Meet Christa

Worthy of a World Record

Below-elbow amputee John has been speaking with local and national news about his World Record Benchpress attempt with his new Hero Flex.

Meet John

Amputee Farmer Conor Cox mentioned in Norton Times

Conor from Kansas was recently interviewed for the Norton Times and made the front page about how he uses his new Hero Arm around the farm. Read his story and watch the video interview here.

Meet Bionic Farmer Conor from Kansas

USA Today Covers Alex's bionic journey

Alex was gifted a Hero Arm by a stranger. This humankind video reached the USA Today press team. Watch the video of Alex getting fitted with a Hero Arm.

Photo credit: SWNS.

Watch Alex get Hero Arm

Susan Neil's Bionic Journey in National News

On World Sepsis Day, Susan Neil a mum-of-five shared her story with national news about the horrific blood infection which robbed her of her nose, lips and tongue, and meant she needed all four limbs amputated.

On the road to recovery, Sue worked with the Open Bionics team to raise funds needed for a bionic arm, and was finally able to give her family cuddles she wanted after receiving her first Hero Arm in August.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Sue said: ‘Cuddling the kids again was amazing. I’ve had a lot of pictures taken cuddling them on my knee. My little grandkids love my arm and they keep saying, “That’s so cool”.

Bionic Sue's Story
Phoebe Sinclair

Bionic Phoebe Meets Prince

Open Bionics was recently nominated in the Groundbreaking Pioneer category at The Sun Who Cares Wins awards. During the award ceremony, bionic Phoebe who was one of the nominees had a chance to meet Prime Minister Boris Johnson and show Prince William how her Hero Arm worked. Bionic Squad member Daniel Melville also had a chance to bionic fist-bump and chat to sporting legend David Beckham.

Oxandre Performs at Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Closing Ceremony with Hero Arm

During the flag handover from Tokyo to Paris, a choreographed performance was played featuring Bionic Squad member Oxandre. Click below to watch the full performance. 


Watch Oxandre's performance

Tilly Lockey interview with LadBible TV about bionic arms

Tilly Lockey recently appeared in a video interview with entertainment giants LadBible to talk about how her Hero Arms work and features she’d like to see in the future.

Click the button below to watch the full interview on YouTube.

Tilly Lockey LadBibe Interview

Open Bionics CEO talks to Daily Express about social impact entrepreneurship

“No one could validate my technology, so all I got from the experts was ‘It’s never going to work’ which can be quite soul destroying to a young entrepreneur.”

In a recent interview Samantha Payne, MBE, CEO at Open Bionics commented on changes she’s seeing in the entrepreneurial world and advice she would give founders looking to launch a social impact company.

Read Interview

Lisa gets bionic arm to help her heal from a childhood bullying trauma

Lisa  was recently interviewed by her local newspaper about what it’s like growing up with a limb difference, and how the Hero Arm will help her heal from a repetitive strain injury and emotional trauma she faced as a child.

Read full feature
open bionics in G7 Cornwall

Open Bionics featured in G7 Summit in Cornwall

Open Bionics is delighted to be featured in the recent GREAT campaign launched by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and featured in the G7 summit in Cornwall. The 2021 summit consists of participants including President Joe Biden, Angela Merkel of Germany, Justin Trudeau of Canada and other world leaders.

Bionic Beverley featured in BBC Podcast

Stacey Dooley speaks with Bionic Bev about her journey of getting a prosthesis that is intuitive to her needs. Listen to the full podcast episode to find out more about Bev.

Richard Slusher featured in Amplitude Magazine

Earlier this year Richard Slusher from Northeast Ohio was fitted with a Hero Arm. Using his new prosthesis, Richard shares the challenges he faced when applying for the Hero Arm through insurance “Insurance companies all too often have the final say over whether or not we can tie our shoes, pour drinks, and even walk…It’s wrong.” Read the full feature in Amplitude magazine.

Laiken Olive featured in Washington Post

Laiken Olive (they/them) has become the first person in the US to be fitted with a Metal Gear Solid Hero Arm. Laiken’s story of growing up in South Louisiana with a limb difference has been featured in a recent Washington Post interview.

Tilly Lockey on Ian Wright's Everyday People Podcast

Tilly Lockey appeared on  Ian Wright’s Everyday People podcast talking about prosthetics, social media and her experience of growing up with a limb difference.

Bionic Rev wins nation's heart

Daniel Cant was fitted with a Hero Arm after a tragic car accident left him with life-changing injuries. Daniel used his new found confidence to raise awareness about limb difference, with appearances on Sky News, ITV Good Morning Britain, The Telegraph, Reuters and many more press appearances in the UK.

Open Bionics wins Innovation Award from Hanger

Open Bionics, was recognised with the 2019 Innovation Award at the 7th annual Hanger Partner Awards. The awards ceremony was held in Nashville, Tennessee, at Hanger LIVE, Hanger’s annual education conference. Find out more, here.

Open Bionics raises £4.6 million in Series A funding round

In January 2019, we raised £4.6 million in Series A funding, which will enable us to serve multiple international markets and finally deliver bionic hands to amputees and people with limb differences in the USA later this year. The Series A round was led by Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund, joined by Ananda Impact Ventures and Downing Ventures. Dive into the coverage on The Independent, The Telegraph and TechCrunch,

Evie and her Frozen-themed bionic arm featured in the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail ran a story on 11-year-old Evie, who received a Hero Arm with Disney Frozen covers. Evie’s mum said: ‘It gives her functionality. She’s tackling things she wouldn’t have done before – little things like brushing her hair, using the hairdryer, opening a lip balm or putting clothes on a hanger. These are things that we take for granted.’ Read the full article here.