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Our community wanted clinical care mixed with technical expertise, we listened. Welcome to the first Open Bionics Clinic featuring cutting-edge technology, personalised care, and transparent pricing – are you ready to start your bionic journey?

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We combined clinical care and technical expertise to offer patients full support

Whether you have a congenital or acquired limb difference, we will work with your NHS team to support your rehabilitation programme.

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bionic limbs the next prosthetic hook revolution

We're launching transparent pricing, so you can plan ahead

It’s our mission to make multi-grip prosthetic arms accessible and reduce barriers that are stopping people having access to bionic technology they need. That’s why we have developed transparent fixed pricing packages so you can plan ahead and see all costs up-front.

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Clinical cutting edge technology means perfect fit guaranteed

custom prosthetic covers

Training and ongoing support provided

“My Open Bionics clinical experience has been really amazing. The first time I picked up a ball with my Hero Arm and I held it and dropped it, that was just..Yeah..It’s like having a super power really isn’t it!.” – Caroline Coster 

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