2nd July 2024

I found out about Open Bionics while researching prosthetic devices for my personal use. After having not worn a prosthetic device for 35 years I felt like this was a great product to begin my journey in the bionic world. From my very first interaction until my most recent they have been incredibly professional. They respond to communications in a timely manner and are open to communicating via social media channels as well. This made it incredibly easy to have a conversation with them when needed. I am based in the US and worked with the Hanger Clinic to obtain my hero arm. I love the fact that it is 3-D printed and has customizable capabilities for my own personal style. It’s an incredibly affordable Prosthetic device. Once my arm was delivered to me the service did not stop. They continue to seek information and input around the usability functions and features of the arm. I have had a number of conversations with their team To discuss functionality and features I’d love to see in the future. It’s not too often you find a company that’s willing to have a meeting and listen to your feedback on their products and remain open minded. Would I work with them again? 100% yes. Would I use their equipment in the future? I am looking forward to the advancements that they will make with future designs of the hero arm.