2nd July 2024

An incredible team of innovative professionals who are clearly striving to provide life changing bionic prosthetics where ever possible. I can not thank them enough for what they have done, and what they’re pushing to achieve.
My daughter, Phoebe, was born with an upper limb difference as well as a hugely bubbly character, and a fear of mine was that her limb difference would, due to other’s misunderstanding, compromise her personality as she grew older. Thanks to Open Bionics and their awe-inspiring Heroarm, this fear has been completely extinguished. Phoebe’s bionic prosthetic has totally thrown what may have been seen as a negative curiosity to the completely opposite end of the spectrum. Other children now, instead of asking “why does that girl have only one arm?”, are blown away with the amazing, outstanding piece of equipment which is looked upon with envious eyes. This has, in fact, increased Phoebe’s bubbly, zany character ten fold, and has provided her with a massive confidence boost within herself. So not only has Open Bionics team supported Phoebe physically, they have helped her mentally with a life time of courage which cannot be compared.
The functionality of the Heroarm is unbelievably fantastic. Equipped with rubber finger tips alongside a steady but firm grip, Phoebe has been undergoing a plethora of tasks purely on her own which would have, before receiving her Heroarm, required assistance (examples can be seen on her Instagram and TikTok: phoebe.bionic) which has, again, increased her confidence with every day life as we’re all entitled to.