Need help to cover costs for children’s prosthetics? Meet Big Hero 3

29th April 2024

Last week the Big Hero 3 Campaign launched across the US to help cover costs of children’s prosthetics.

Hosted by the Open Bionics Foundation to help three families raise funds for Hero Arms, this year the fundraiser is supported by charity the Lucky Fin Project.

Meet the three families coming together to help raise the remainder of the funds needed to get three Hero Arms. Let’s help them get their Hero Arms for the Lucky Fin Project weekend in July. You can donate to the campaign here


Skyliana is a third grader in a dual-language class setting and has been working hard since Kindergarten to become fully biliterate in the English and Spanish languages. She has danced for Studio 11 Dance Company since she was 3 years old and loves to perform ballet, jazz, and hip hop on stage at her recitals! She’s the middle of three children and is truly adored by her big sister, Rilyn, and little brother, Jamesyn and she also has a 3-legged (tri-paw’d) rescued dog named Parker whose front left leg was amputated when he was a pup! When she grows up she wants to be a nurse because she likes to care for others, or an art teacher because she enjoys arts and crafts! Skyliana has proven that our Sky has no limits but she would really benefit from a Hero Arm because it would help her lead a more normal life and that is important as she grows!


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Josiah is a very active young boy and enjoys all outdoor activities, any form of exploring, and loves to engage in sports. He is currently involved with a travel soccer team which he began playing at the age of 3. Some other activities that Josiah enjoys doing is skateboarding, swimming, dirt bike riding, wall climbing, and playing video games. He also plays basketball and football for fun but in the future he is hoping he will be able to join a team! We think the Hero Arm would be a great fit for Josiah because he has been desiring a prosthesis that is lighter in weight so that he is able to tolerate it for longer periods of time, create more use due to having more function, and being able to wear it for all seasons due to having more ventilation!



Keegan is fun-loving, adventurous, strong-willed, independent, determined, and full of spunk! Growing up, Keegan’s lucky fin hasn’t stopped him from doing the things he loves. There are times where he struggles doing simple tasks or activities. Zipping up a jack, buttoning his pants, using scissors in art and crafts, carrying the lunch tray at school, balancing on a bike are just a few things he struggles with. With this struggle does come frustration, irritation, and confusion as to why he was born with a lucky fin. As part of Keegan’s independency however, he will always try and figure out a way that works for him. When Keegan saw the Hero Arm at the Lucky Fin Project gathering last year, he was instantly drawn to it, asking question after question, and watching the demonstration on what it can do. The Hero Arm will greatly benefit Keegan’s day to day life, achieving tasks easier without frustration, while also improving his self-confidence!


Meet the families taking part in BIG HERO 3 Campaign 2024

Meet the Hero Arm for children

The Hero Arm is suitable for children as young as 7-years old. We work with partners like Disney and Marvel to help turn disabilities into superpowers. The Hero Arm is a lightweight & robust 3D printed prosthesis giving children the ability to undertake multiple activities with ease.

Hero Arm tech specs

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