Meet the Hero Arm – a custom prosthesis for adults and children

The Hero Arm is the world’s first clinically approved 3D-printed bionic arm, with multi-grip functionality and empowering aesthetics. Each Hero Arm is custom-fit for individuals with below-elbow limb differences. The lightweight and breathable technology will allow you to grab, pinch, high-five, fist bump, thumbs-up.

Welcome to the future, where disabilities are superpowers.

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There are so many things I’m doing two-handed compared to before, and so many things I’m still discovering. – Daz Fuller 58

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We are here for you every step of the way

We make the hand, socket, and Hero Arm and deliver an all-in-one bespoke prosthesis that’s formed perfectly for you. Our industry leading dynamic sockets are breathable for enhanced ventilation and expandable to give you comfort in various conditions. You can remove sockets giving you ease of care of your prosthesis.

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Our innovative technology featured in the media

Each Hero Arm is unique, just like you

We take a 3D scan of your limb, use clever software and design to manufacture your Hero Arm using tough Nylon 12. The full prosthesis is robust, and the innovative socket is comfortable, adjustable and breathable, making it easy to take on and off while providing you with the best fit.

Intuitive and effortless

With the Hero Arm, enjoy technology at your fingertips. Special sensors within the Hero Arm detect muscle movements, meaning you can effortlessly control your bionic hand with intuitive life-like precision.