Meet Emily, Open Bionics’ new Orlando FL clinician!

17th November 2023

If you’re looking for a brand-new, custom care clinic to begin your bionic journey with Open Bionics, then look no further. Over the past year, Open Bionics has been growing their clinical presence in the United States to bring quality care and prosthetic access to the limb different community. New York and Los Angeles joined a few months back, and now we are pleased to welcome our new Orlando clinic and its prosthetist, Emily Shannon.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Emily, so that you have the pleasure of getting to know who you’ll be meeting and working with when you choose to visit the Sunshine State Open Bionics clinic!

Q: Open Bionics is excited to have you on the team, Emily. We look forward to seeing your clinic and relationships with patients grow. Can you share with our readers a bit about yourself?

A: I’m excited to be joining! I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. I attended Duke University as an undergraduate (go Blue Devils!) where my passion for engineering and design really started to grow.

Q: Were you involved in any organizations or clubs while pursuing your education?

A: Yes! At Duke, I was heavily involved with a student group called e-Nable, which was focused on designing and fitting 3D printed devices for upper limb amputees. This group gave me the opportunity to dip my toes in 3D printing and scanning, digital rendering, patient-centred design, and – most importantly – it introduced me to the field of prosthetics.

Q: That is very cool! Is this where your interest in making a career in prosthetics began? How else did you know you had found the right career?

A: I met with a few certified prosthetists and orthotists who taught me about the broader field. Once I started shadowing clinicians and exploring the field on my own, I knew that this was the right fit for me. It was the perfect combination of design, problem-solving, innovation, and working with people.

Q: And how did your professional career grow from there?

A: I completed my master’s degree in O&P at the University of Pittsburgh and went on to do my residency at a large private facility in Houston, Texas. Most recently, I have been working at a pediatric-heavy clinic back in my hometown of Charlotte. Some of my career highlights include orthotics in an acute neuro rehab hospital, scoliosis bracing, cranial remolding, and carbon strutted AFO designs.

Once I started shadowing clinicians and exploring the field on my own, I knew that this was the right fit for me!

Q: What is one of the top things your most excited for now that you’re with Open Bionics?

A: Focusing on upper extremity prosthetics has been an unspoken dream of mine since the start, so I am beyond excited to work with Open Bionics and bring my clinical experience to this arena.

Q: We can’t wait to see the community you build. In your personal time, what are some things that you most enjoy?

A: Outside of work, you can find me hanging out with my rescue dog, running, watching Duke basketball, and exploring my new city!

Open Bionics is excited to have Emily part of the growing team of US clinicians, and we can’t wait for you to meet her in Orlando. Emily will bring custom and quality care to your Hero Arm & Hero Flex journey. If you are interested in your very own Hero Arm, click on the link below to begin your bionic journey.

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