Lucky Fin Covers for the Win!

11th August 2023

The Hero Arm has proven over time to be a game changer for upper limb amputees in terms of style and unique expression of personality and interests. With the opportunity to sport a vast number of designer covers like Frozen, Iron Man, and Star Wars, Hero Arm users are breaking down barriers and letting their interests shine through their prosthesis. This is critical in the world of disabilities. Through expressive prosthetics, amputees can gain pride and confidence in themselves that they otherwise may lack. Positive conversations and interactions can take place instead of being treated as something to be avoided or feared.

A brand-new Hero Arm cover set was on full display at the Lucky Fin Project Weekend in July 2023 in Michigan. Through crowds of laughter and conversation, you could see bright orange bionic arms waving in expression and holding drinks. These covers of course turned some heads, and for good reason. These were the new Lucky Fin Project Hero Arm covers to celebrate all things Lucky Fin.

Designed in direct collaboration with the Lucky Fin Project, a disability nonprofit, the covers feature the Lucky Fin ‘hand & fin’ logo as well as the name on the hand cover, so that Hero Arm users can show off their love for Lucky Fin with pride while also having the opportunity to spread awareness and support of the nonprofit.

To celebrate the much anticipated weekend that takes place every summer in Troy Michigan, we launched a social media competition within our Hero Arm community to find the winners of these special edition covers sponsored by the Lucky Fin Project.

One Hero Arm user in attendance at the 900 people strong event with his Lucky Fin covers was Trace Wilson, who is also a Lucky Fin ambassador and author of the children’s book ‘Uniquely Me.’ Trace described how the Lucky Fin Project has become an important part of who he is.

“Having been born without my hand, I didn’t meet another amputee until I was 21 years old. That happened at a Lucky Fin event, and I quickly fell into a community I had never known,” Trace shared. “I can say easily that many of the best things in my life wouldn’t have happened without the Lucky Fin Project, and that includes receiving my Hero Arm. As an ambassador, being able to wear a Lucky Fin Hero arm cover and represent my favorite organization means the world to me.” he said.

Similarly, Hero Arm user Jeffrey Meyer was also present at Lucky Fin Weekend, sporting bright orange from head to toe, including his prized Lucky Fin Hero Arm covers. Jeff holds Lucky Fin Project close to his heart, as he didn’t meet his first fellow limb different friend until he was 51 years old.

“It was definitely a conversation starter,” Jeff said of the covers. “There’s nothing I love more than representing our limb different community in a positive way,” he explained. “Now when I wear my Hero Arm, people ask me about the bright orange covers and I’m able to share with them not one but two stories.” Jeff said. A lasting bit of enjoyment that Jeff also receives from attending Lucky Fin Weekend is the opportunity to talk to people about his Hero Arm and the versatility that the covers give along with the functionality. “It brings me great joy to be able to share with and talk to families and children about the possibilities of the Hero Arm and what I am capable of with it.” Jeff said.

“Now when I wear my Hero Arm, people ask me about the bright orange covers and I’m able to share with them not one but two stories.”

Another Hero Arm user and creative artist is Harmony May King. While not in attendance at this year’s Lucky Fin Weekend, she has been following the nonprofit since 2014 and was one of the winners of the Lucky Fin covers contest. “Lucky Fin has always had a special place in my heart,” Harmony said. “Growing up, I never knew anyone who had a limb difference like me, but as an adult I’ve found an entire community of lovely people with Lucky Fin at the center of it.” she explained.

“Now when I wear my Lucky Fin covers out in public, I not only get to show off my bionic arm, but I also get the opportunity to tell people about this awesome community that they may otherwise never have known about,” Harmony shared. “You never know who you’ll meet and who you’ll impact.” she finished.

Molly Stapelman, who founded the nonprofit when her own daughter was born with a limb difference, was happy to collaborate with Open Bionics to make the covers come to life, and was proud to see the numerous orange Hero Arm covers making the rounds at Lucky Fin Weekend.

“I loved seeing the covers at Lucky Fin weekend,” Molly shared. “Seeing everyone be drawn to them is such a great way to not only raise awareness for Open Bionics, but for Lucky Fin Project in general as well, we love to see it!” she explained.

To find out more about the Lucky Fin Project, be sure to check out their website at, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you are interested in getting your very own Hero Arm, click on the link below to begin your bionic journey!

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