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9th May 2024

Here at Open Bionics we know that no two patients, or stories are the same. At our clinics it is our goal to understand the emotional and physical needs of each and every one of our patients to customize their experience and determine how the Hero Arm, can help them reach their goals. This is what you can expect from our prosthetic services in Los Angeles. Our clinic is based in Glendale, with plenty of local transport connections and amenities. Find out more about our LA clinic here.

Meet Will!

The first person you will meet during your first appointment is William Shill, our CPO with 10 years’ of experience in the prosthetics industry.

Will is a keen golfer and volunteers as a soccer ref. He is a big fan of Angel City Sports which offers adaptive golf clinics for people with disabilities. Last year, one of Will’s Hero Arm users won the tournament’s trophy! 🏆

Will is experienced working with bilateral patients, quadruple amputees, congenital amputees, and both children and adults. He is experienced in supporting patients with scar tissue, burns, and traumatic amputations. He is also experienced working with partial hand amputees. 


“Words are inadequate to express my sincere gratitude to Open Bionics Team! This was one of a kind experience! It took 3 visits to go through the process from zero to Hero Arm! Will is very friendly and knowledgeable about prosthetics. It was a great pleasure to learn from him and be guided through the process. We started with molding – than fitting and practicing – than final fitting and practicing. In the end of practicing session I was very confident in wearing and operating my Hero Arm. What a fantastic feeling to feel like a superhero with new abilities!”

Will can help talk you through the considerations of the devices available and what will be able to meet your needs from a specific activity, to a device for daily wear that supports your spine health while improving body confidence.

Strap in and test the Hero Arm

Your first session with Will is a no commitment exploration of the device’s functionality. You get to fire up the hand and trigger the electrodes. This enables you to see whether you like the device’s control system, the free app which supports you outside of the clinic, and handle the size/ weight of the device. 

If after the appointment you’d like your very own Hero Arm, we will introduce you to our funding support team who will help with everything related to insurance, raising funds needed, applying for grants and anything else that will help you reach your goal of securing the funds needed.

I have had the pleasure and opportunity with the help of everyone at open bionics helping me with my journey. It’s been amazing, and the staff are very knowledgeable and caring and by far the best .I am so thankful and can’t wait to see the endless possibilities – David

Measure and check 

Your next session with Will is the casting appointment, followed by the check appointment. Once you’re confident that this is a device for you the prosthetic service becomes hands-on! Will will take your measurements and fabricate a custom socket for your arm. The fit should be perfect and we won’t create the final piece until you’re happy with the comfort. We’ll keep this design on file for life so we can re-print it any time you like. 

It’s Hero Arm delivery day! 

Our prosthetic services always go the extra mile. The final appointment is to deliver the custom Hero Arm to you, the new owner, ready to take home! The device comes built and working straight out of the box. You can open the box and slip the Hero Arm on and trigger the muscle electrodes right away. 

During this appointment Will runs through a number of body movements with you to ensure the electrodes work correctly in all positions and postures. Will talks you through a number of activities and you are given a lot of time to practice, ask questions, and try out different exercises and activities. 

Your Hero Arm delivery appointment is our favorite part too, so if there’s anything we can do to make it extra special, matching T-shirts, favorite snacks, let us know!

Our prosthetic services don’t stop after you leave the clinic. We will work with you until you are 100% happy with the fit and function of your new Hero Arm.

If you’re in California and would like to discuss our prosthetic services request more information by filling out the form below.

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