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The Hero Arm is available in nearly 800 locations across the US. You will find a least one clinic in each state that fits Hero Arms. Here’s a bit more information about our location hubs.

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Visit Open Bionics’ Prosthetic Clinic in Denver.

Here you can try a bionic prosthetic arm for free, and meet the clinical care team who will support you throughout your bionic journey. If you have time, you can also see where your check socket will be 3D printed!

We’re proud to say that the Hero Arm in our Denver Clinic is available for the cheapest possible price anywhere in America.

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New York

We have incredible clinical partners based in New York that share our mission to make bionic arms like the Hero Arm more accessible. From Hanger, to Shriners, to local independent practises that will work with you to help you reach your goal of getting a Hero Arm.


You have a choice of either travelling to our clinic in Denver to get the Hero Arm at a considerably reduced rate and make a weekend out of it, or speak to our team and we’ll share a selection of clinics that are trained and ready to fit you with your very own Hero Arm in the sunny state.


We have some awesome Hero Arm users in Texas that use the bionic arm for everyday activities like mowing the lawn, or riding a bike. We work with Hanger clinics and independent practises across the state, so the choice is all yours where to get the Hero Arm from.


We have a lovely Hero Arm community in Ohio so at any point during your bionic journey if you would like to speak with a Hero Arm user, just let us know.

Don’t worry if you can’t see your State on the list

We work with clinics in every state to make sure our community can have local options to get a Hero Arm. To find out what the process looks like for getting a Hero Arm and to find out prices, register below.

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