Limb difference community helps raise over $389,000 to help cover prosthetic arm costs for people from low-income households!

15th December 2021

limb difference community charity fundraiser

Last night #JingleJam2021 came to a close. The annual charity event saw the limb difference community and gamers from across the globe come together in a fusion of festive live-streams to help raise funds to cover prosthetic arm costs for people with limb differences.

Seven members from the limb difference community joined gamers on live-streaming platform Tiltify to help raise over $389,000 in 14 days, all while celebrating difference, playing community games, and spreading festive cheer. Live-streams came from Tilly Lockey, Dan Melville, Ashla Durbin, Henrik Cox, Sora Kai (the One Handed Gamer) and friends. 

Celebrating its 10 year anniversary, Jingle Jam offered it’s biggest gaming bundle ever. Every donation of $46 received 55 games worth $875+. Plenty of games to get you through Christmas and New Year!

One of the live-streamers this year was Daniel Melville, who was born with a congenital limb difference. Daniel is a gamer and 3D printing enthusiast, read more about his bionic journey here.

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Watch Daniel Melville drawing with his Hero Arm for #JingleJam2021

Daniel live-streamed for nearly 9 hours filled with lots of gaming, drawing and festive fun. He was joined by friends including Callum Lapworth a fellow-Hero Arm user, and Piotr a configuration technician who built his Hero Arm. Daniel also played some of the games included in the donation bundle to show viewers some of the festive gaming fun they could have if they made a donation.

All Jingle Jam live-streams kicked off on the 1st December and in the first hour, over $40,000 in donations were made to the Open Bionics Foundation who help cover prosthetic arm costs for people who do not have funds needed to cover costs.

This year Jingle Jam has been an epic event that brought together the limb difference and gaming communitities from across the globe. The funds raised will help people from disadvantaged backgrounds have access to life-changing bionic technology, and I’m so proud to have been part of it.” – Daniel Melville, Hero Arm user

Other live-streams came from One Handed Gamer Sora Kai, who did multiple live-streams while playing classics like Halo Infinite and Endwalker. As well as sharing gaming tips, Sora Kai also showed viewers his gaming hacks while playing one handed. If you want to re-watch any of the live-streams from Sora Kai, check out his Twitch channel.

Also joining in the festive gaming fun was cyborg influencer Henrik Cox. With an audience of over 2.1m on TikTok, Henrik’s first charity live-stream went down a storm.

The incredible effort from all the live-streams over 14 days quickly amassed a whooping $389,464.93 for the Open Bionics Foundation to help people with limb differences who don’t have the means to cover a prosthetic arm cost to have access to this technology. A huge thank you to Yogscast, and all live-streamers for their amazing effort to make bionic arms more accessible around the world.

Tell us about your limb difference to see if you qualify for free funding

Please note the Jingle Jam 2021 charity fundraiser has now ended and will be back next year. If you still want to donate to help make bionic limbs like the Hero Arm more accessible to people who need them, you can donate directly to the Open Bionics Foundation.