No Hidden Costs

We believe our user’s challenges are our challenges. This is why we launched a free funding support service, and why we are now offering transparent pricing. There will be no hidden fees, no surprise items added to your bill. You will know the total cost of your clinical care and bionic arm before you enter our clinic.

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The Hero Arm has been designed for all day wear, so you can work, play, and live with bionic hand function at your finger-tips.

People who have secured funds needed for a Hero Arm with the support of our funding success team

Bionic priest received full charitable funding

“I had all my Hero Arm costs covered within months and it was the most relaxing and calm experience” – Daniel Cant

Alan had 100% of Hero Arm costs covered

11-year old Alan caught an infection when he was a child which resulted in him needing to get both of his arms amputated. After trying multiple prostheses, Alan thought they were heavy and got in the way. When Alan saw the Hero Arm he knew it would be the right prosthesis for him. Alan applied for one of the charity grants and received 100% of his funding for a Hero Arm.

Richard from Ohio wanted to crowdfund

Richard was born with a congenital limb difference and decided it was time for a change. After being denied multiple times by health insurance, he set up a GoFundMe page and amassed over $2,000 in a matter of hours. In early 2021 Richard was fitted with a Hero Arm and since has spoken very candidly about the changes he wants to see in the US healthcare system to allow for easier access to prosthetic limbs.

The Open Bionics funding success team helped Richard set up his crowdfunding campaign.

Hero Arm Reviewed in the Press

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From cooking, to cycling, find out the different ways people use the Hero Arm everyday in our latest brochure.

With each Hero Arm we provide

Fixed medical fees
Hero Arm upgrades
Perfect fit promise
Full training
Friendly support team at your fingertips

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