Hero Arm Covers Warranty


Hero Arm Covers – Warranty:

Open Bionics will replace covers that have manufacturing faults or defects up to 3 months from the
date of delivery.

Open Bionics is not obliged to repair or replace covers that have been broken due to poor care or
mis-use, or those which have wear and tear such as cosmetic damage to the painted or lacquered
finish of the covers.

If a customer believes that a manufacturing fault was the cause of a crack or break in their covers,
they should get in contact with our customer support team (support@openbionics.com) who will
review their covers using Open Bionics’ factory tests to determine whether there were
manufacturing issues that put the performance of the covers outside the specified range. These
results will be documented and presented to the customer along with a description of the tests
carried out and results found. If a manufacturing fault was identified (and the product is still within
warranty) a full replacement will be offered. If the product was deemed not to have any
manufacturing faults, or is outside of warranty, Open Bionics may offer a repair or replacement for a
fee at its discretion.

All approved warranty claims will be processed and shipped within 14 days of approval. The
customer is responsible for postage costs.