Getting a Hero Arm:

1. I want to get a Hero Arm, what are the next steps?

That’s great news! The first step is for you to register interest through our website. If you meet the requirements (UK based, below elbow limb difference and over the age of 9) we will get in touch to pair you with your nearest private prosthetics clinic. This is where you will attend your free initial consultation to find out about more about the Hero Arm and assess suitability. You can only purchase a Hero Arm through a registered private prosthetics clinic.

2. I am registered with an NHS clinic, how can I get a Hero Arm?

We are currently working with NHS England to assess the suitability of the Hero Arm for the needs of NHS patients. If you would like to try a Hero Arm and your clinician thinks a multi-grip myoelectric hand is a suitable device for you, we’re happy to work with them. Please put us in touch with your clinician.

3. How does the Hero Arm work?

The Hero Arm is a myoelectric prostheses. When a user intentionally flexes specific muscles in their residual limb, EMG electrodes within the Hero Arm detect tiny electrical signals, allowing them to activate different grips with precise, proportional control.

4. How do I get a Hero Arm for my child, relative, or friend?

By registering their details through our website, if they meet our requirements (UK based, below elbow limb difference and aged 9 or over) we will get in touch with you and pair them with their nearest private clinic. They will next attend their free initial consultation to find out about more about the Hero Arm and assess suitability. 

5. I want to purchase a Hero Arm through your website, how do I do this?

You can only purchase a Hero Arm through a private prosthetic clinic. Hero Arm customers can purchase customisable covers through our online shop.   

6. I’m a researcher. How do I purchase a Hero Arm?

You can buy the Brunel robotic hand here > Open Bionics Labs

7. Can the Hero Arm be used by people with limb differences which are above-elbow or have a partial hand, e.g fingers and thumb?

No, currently we can only fit the Hero Arm to people with below-elbow amputations or limb differences. We have more assistive devices in development.

8. Can you fit Hero Arm to toddlers?

We can only fit the Hero Arm to children over the age of 9 years old. However, we’re continually developing new technologies with the aim to fit younger children.

9. I’m not UK based, how can I get a Hero Arm?

We can only fit prosthetics to UK based residents for now, but we’re planning on expanding internationally. Register your interest to be the first to get one.

10. Is the Hero Arm waterproof?

The Hero Arm is splash proof but not waterproof.



11. Can I apply for a job, internship or work placement at Open Bionics?

We’re not currently advertising for any internships. Keep an eye on our careers page.

12. Can I test your next product?

We’ll put a call-out through our social media channels and email newsletter when we’re looking for volunteer users. If you’d like to help us develop new technologies please make sure you’re signed up via email or Twitter / Facebook.

13. Can I invest in Open Bionics?

We’re always looking for investors that want to help build a solid tech-for-good company. Register interest here

14. What do I need to study to pursue a career in Robotics?

Our growing team comprises of a wide range of skill sets – mechanical engineers, software engineers, electronics engineers, product designers etc. In terms of research degrees, many of our engineers studied engineering or robotics at university.

15. Can you help with a school project?

We’d love to help out with your project but unfortunately our capacity is very limited as we are focused on development for existing and future assistive devices. We wish you the best of luck!



16. Can you give a presentation at our event?

Maybe, our product development takes priority so don’t be offended if we say no. Email us: pr@openbionics.com.

17. We are shooting a documentary, would you like to be involved?

We are always interested to hear about documentary opportunities. Email us: pr@openbionics.com.


Research and Development:

18. Can you make a prosthetic leg for my dog/cat?

No, we’re investing all of our energy into developing bionic limbs for humans.

19. Can you make me a prosthetic leg, exoskeleton, partial hand?

No, we are currently working really hard to solve problems for below-elbow amputees. We are researching and developing more assistive devices so please watch this space, but for now we are focussed on below-elbow prosthetics. 

20. Can I make a hand/be a developer?

If you would like to make our robotic hand, you can find design files and assembly instructions here: Brunel Hand. If you’d like to become a part of our developer community, sign up here.

21. Can you 3D print me a…. ?

Try shapeways or 3DHubs.