My name is Trace

I’m a 29-year-old gamer, 3D modeler, and 3D printing enthusiast, oh and I was born without a right hand.

Growing up, I was not the biggest fan of my limb difference.

I was self-conscious, constantly worried about being judged, and my arm spent an inordinate amount of time hidden in my pocket. In retrospect, my view of my limb difference held me back from many things throughout my childhood. Luckily, that is no longer the case!

My view of myself was impacting others’ view of me

I wanted to change how I felt about myself. If I made a conscious effort to be outgoing, to embrace my limb difference and insert myself into conversations with a one-hand pun, that’s how people would see me. I found myself thrown into the world of disability advocacy. I wrote a number of children’s books to help kids with disabilities understand, accept, and love their unique differences. I am now an ambassador for the Lucky Fin Project, an organization dedicated to helping kids and adults with limb differences, and I have a dozen of new friends within the limb-different community.

"Not only is the Hero Arm functional, lightweight, and durable, but it’s customizable."

I can’t begin to express the enjoyment I get from being able to accessorize my arm with different magnetic covers. Most people decide on which pair of shoes or piece of jewelry to wear each day, but I get to express myself with custom arm covers! That freedom is often overlooked, but for myself and many other Hero Arm users, it’s game-changing.

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The Hero Arm fuels my creativity

Just as my creativity impacts my ability to build new and exciting arm covers and attachments, my Hero Arm fuels my creativity. And around and around we go, resulting in some truly wacky ideas. As an example, I recently attended Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia. For the convention, I created two cosplays – one completely expected, and another completely out of this world. The former, Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, is an amputee character with a bionic arm. When most anime fans picture bionic characters, Ed comes to mind. Building his automail arm as a cover for my Hero Arm was just the natural course of action.

Check out my bionic ramblings and 3D printing shenanigans on TikTok (@Eatpraynub)

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