American boy becomes youngest in the world to wear advanced bionic arm

31st May 2024

A 5-year-old boy from Long Island, NY, who was born without a hand gets Marvel’s Iron Man advanced bionic arm.

This week a 5-year-old superhero superfan Jordan M. got to pick up his brand new bionic arm. 

Jordan’s mother, Ashley M, was originally told Jordan was too young for the technology but was convinced that her son could control the sensors, so attended a preliminary appointment at an Open Bionics clinic in New York City. 

Ashley said: “We’re just so grateful that companies like Open Bionics exist. We’re grateful that they gave us a chance. Jordan is the youngest in the world and initially we were told he was too young and we convinced Open Bionics to see us and luckily he picked it up right away.”

“As soon as we left with Jordan’s Hero Arm, he was running around with so much confidence trying to hail New York taxis. It was an instant confidence boost; the Hero Arm really makes him feel like a superhero and he is superhero obsessed. He then wanted to rush back to his school to show his teachers and friends. He was so happy and so excited and so was everyone at his school”. 


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“As a mom, you just want your child to be happy, and he is generally happy and resilient, but yesterday he was on top of the world and glowing. He could not have been happier or more excited and he’s the same today. It’s amazing.” 

Jordan, who is graduating this year, was born without a hand and had only used one prosthesis before but he stopped using it because of the lack of functionality. Check out the full story on CBS News, NYPost, Good News Network.

Once Jordan got home from school he used his Hero Arm to grab his scooter handles and go for a scoot. His mom Ashley said: “He is so excited to use it and to be able to control the fingers and grab two objects now. We’re excited to see him get used to reaching with two hands and playing with his superhero toys with two hands. 

The previous youngest user to receive a multi-articulating bionic hand was a six years old. 

Ashley added that she can see a future for Jordan where his bionic arm is as natural to use as his human arm, she said: “I can see where this is going to go and I’m excited for him. You know Jordan has two brothers and his older brother said he wanted one.” 

Daniel, the Prosthetist that fitted Jordan with the Hero Arm at the Open Bionics clinic in New York added: “Jordan was a really fun kid with a great personality. He was very smart and really excited about his Hero Arm and couldn’t wait to show his friends. It was a real pleasure to work with him and meet his family.”

The Hero Arm is a custom-made, 3D printed, prosthesis using myoelectric sensors which detect underlying muscular contractions generated from specific muscle groups in the arm. These muscle contractions are read via sensors on the skin and then amplified and converted to intuitive bionic hand movements.

“We’re so happy for Jordan and can’t wait to see how he puts his new Iron Man arm to work. We’re super grateful to Disney and Marvel for working with us to make disability tech more inclusive and empowering” commented Samantha Payne, co-founder at Open Bionics. 

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