NEW! Aero Hero Arm Covers

We’ve built a range of new covers inspired by people who share videos of the different ways they incorporate their Hero Arms into exercise routines. From bike rides, to yoga, to working out at the gym. Next time you’re exercising, snap on the Aero Covers and go!  

Whether you need to invigorate your workout with a bold splash of colour or want shades to match your workout gear, the Aero Covers come in a full range of our cover colours.

I want a Hero Arm

"I opted for bold Aero colours to serve as a reminder for me to make time for myself. When the covers go on, it's workout time." – Liz Wright

There are over 50 Hero Arm Cover designs to choose from to allow you to express your personality and mood.

Your arm, your rules

Take a closer look at the Aero Covers

The design of the Aero covers is inspired by different textures found on our favourite sportswear brands worn by Hero Arm users.

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