A socket prosthesis engineered for comfort

Here at Open Bionics we build medical devices that enhance the human body. Our first product is the Hero Arm. We make the hand and socket prosthesis to create a custom-fit bionic arm that is lightweight, intuitive to use and fits like a glove.

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Every Hero Arm is engineered especially for you

We build, design and manufacture sockets and bionic arms that are lightweight, comfortable and customisable. Here are some of the features you can expect from the Hero Arm.

Fits like a glove & lightweight for all day wear

Our Hero Arm fits into a 3D printed socket which is made out of breathable materials so you can wear it all day even in hot temperatures. The socket expands and supports your arm as you undertake multiple activities.

Your arm, your rules

“When using 3D scanning and printing, we’re seeing devices fit better than traditional. This is mainly due to cutting-edge technology being able to take accurate measurements. Patients are reporting back to us that the flexibility in the socket material allows the prosthesis to move with them. Patients with high-activity levels are best cases for 3D printed sockets.” – Samantha Payne CEO Open Bionics. 


Each Hero Arm is made up of over 100 components

The Hero Arm is responsive, robust and intuitive to use, giving you control of how much pressure, and strength you want each movement to have. Don’t take it from us, here is what our Bionic Squad think of the Hero Arm.

Lisa suffered from a repetitive-strain injury from over use

Lisa commented on her Hero Arm experience as ‘life-changing…I can finally give my right hand the rest it needs and offset the load by wearing a new prosthetic arm that will help me not only with my injury but with other dual-hand activities.’

Daniel hasn't worn a prosthesis in 16 years

I’ve had the Hero Arm for over three months now. It’s the first thing I pick up in the morning, before the phone, or anything. When the arm goes on, my day starts.

Tanisha wanted to be more independent

It doesn’t look like any other prosthetic arm I’ve seen – I love that it’s not trying to look like a real arm. You can clearly see how it works and the difference each part makes to the function of the arm.

Cutting-edge technology at your finger tips, three times cheaper than most bionic arms

If you need funding support to help you reach the goal of getting a Hero Arm, speak with our team. We have a number of donations, grants and funding support avenues for you to explore.

Successfully Funded Hero Arms

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