A Friday afternoon with modern prosthetic arm power-user Nico

5th July 2024

Recently we met with Nico, a power-user of modern prosthetic arms and a Hero Arm wearer of three months from Trier, Germany. 

The 36-year-old was born with dysmelia in his hand and forearm. Growing up, Nico didn’t get on with prosthetics, he found them impractical with little function.

In his 20s he started exploring new prosthetic arm solutions that were available, and immediately loved bionic technology “a bionic arm is very helpful in my daily life – be it when shopping or while cooking, while eating – I thus have fingers, and my residual limb.” said Nico when talking about why he opted for a myo-electric solution. 

The Hero Arm is by far the lightest prosthetic arm I’ve worn, and it’s comfortable which is such a relief.

Nico credits his prosthetist who he’s been with for eight years for always putting his needs first “When I was due for a new fitting, my technician introduced me to the Hero Arm and I was immediately taken by the design. The fact it also was significantly lighter, robust and had a breathable socket for all day wear was huge.”  recalled Nico. 

“Nico needed a prosthesis to support with domestic activities day-to-day. He wanted something lighter and more breathable than the solution he had in place so his arm wouldn’t get tired wearing it all day. “ commented Reiner Bach, Orthopadietechniker – Kersting  

When talking about day-to-day activities, the IT businessman loves traveling, gaming and spending weekends undertaking DIY projects with his better half “The Hero Arm is by far the lightest prosthetic arm I’ve worn, and it’s comfortable, which is such a relief.” 

“The Hero Arm contains 6 grips which is completely sufficient for me in my daily use. As a plus I can still edit the patterns and grips in the App. I have stored my grips in a way that I can easily change or apply them when using my arm.” Nico showcased how he uses his latest modern prosthetic arm.

We decided to tag along for a day as Nico went shopping to the garden centre and grabbed lunch on the way home. Check out how he uses his Hero Arm on a daily basis. 

The Hero Arm uses myo-electric sensors which detect underlying muscular contractions generated from specific muscle groups in the arm. These are then amplified and converted into intuitive and proportional bionic hand movements.

If you would like to try out the Hero Arm, or would like to see the full technical specs, register here and we will share further details. 

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