Double Arm Amputee Prosthetics for Adults & Children

Here at Open Bionics, we develop medical devices that enhance the human body, starting with the Hero Arm. If you are a double arm amputee prosthetics or a below-elbow amputee find out if you qualify for free Hero Arm funding by registering below.

Your Arm, Your Rules

The Hero Arm is lightweight for all day wear

The Hero Arm is custom-fit for perfect comfort, giving double arm amputees control over arm and hand function. Whether you want to use your Hero Arm to open doors, carry things or like Kim play with her grandchildren, register your interest below to try the Hero Arm for free.

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We work with you every step of the way

If there are particular activities you would like to use the Hero Arm for, our medical and technical teams will work with you to ensure the configuration in your Hero Arm allows you to reach those goals. We fit children from as young as 8 years old with Hero Arms.

Child-friendly guide on how prosthetic arms work

Enjoy dual-arm activities with the Hero Arm

The Hero Arm is fitted with sensors that read muscle movements and translates them into bionic hand controls. You decide on the strength and pressure, so you can pinch, grip, high-five, fist bump using your bionic arm. From picking up a cup of tea, to carrying a bag of groceries, your limb difference is your superpower.


Hero Arm controls

Full training and support provided

When you work with our team, you become part of our team. We work with you to make sure your Hero Arm helps you reach your goals and can give you a desired level of independence. Register your interest to find out more about Hero Arm funding, clinical process, and more about the bionic technology.

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Meet our Bionic Squad

If you are wondering whether the Hero Arm would be the right prosthesis for you, meet our Bionic Squad below.

Bionic Squad
financial assistance for amputees

Bionic Tilly

As a baby, Tilly contracted a deadly form of meningitis called meningococcal septicaemia, and had to undergo an operation to have both her hands amputated. Tilly is now fifteen, and is the proud owner of two super stylish Hero Arms.

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