Open Bionics Celebrates One Year Since Bristol Prosthetic Clinic Launch

13th January 2022

Bristol prosthetic clinic

At Open Bionics, we’ve always been focused on our customers, their needs and what they want from a prosthesis. We launched our first prosthetic clinic and placed it right in the heart of our headquarters located in central Bristol. This is very fitting because we also place our customers right at the very heart of our company.

We wanted our customers to be able to select their own appointment dates in advance, visit the same in-house prosthetist and be given insight into how their Hero Arm is manufactured by meeting members of our engineering team and seeing our 3D printers in action.

Excellence in customer care is our top priority. The idea to serve customers directly came from our community who wanted technical information about the product included as part of their clinical experience. – Chief Executive Officer, Joel Gibbard

So one year on from the launch and where are we now? We are proud to have welcomed over 100 Hero Arm patients into our Bristol prosthetic clinic and have had the pleasure of meeting some awesome people. Here’s what a few of them had to say about their experience.

One patient at the the prosthetic clinic to receive medical care was Daniel Cant, who lost his arm in a tragic car accident 18 years ago. Daniel hadn’t worn a prosthesis for over a decade and only discovered the Hero Arm after his son googled ‘arm for hero dad‘.

When speaking about his experience at the Open Bionics clinic where Daniel was fitted with his Hero Arm he recalls “It was a very gentle process. My prosthetist Kameron was very clear, this is what we are aiming for, and the potential is endless.”

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