Meet the Hero Arm

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An advanced prosthetic arm for adults and children

Advanced, intuitive, robust. The Hero Arm is the world’s most affordable multi-grip prosthetic arm, with multi-grip functionality and empowering aesthetics. Engineered and manufactured in the UK, the Hero Arm is a lightweight and affordable myoelectric prosthesis, now available in over 800 locations in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand for below-elbow amputee adults and children aged 8 and above. Your limb difference is your superpower.

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Open Bionics literally changed my life through their innovative technology, their passion and energy for high quality prosthetics along with their client focussed approach… I cannot recommend them enough to anyone that is looking for a prosthetic arm. – Daniel Cant, Hero Arm user since March 2020

Engineered especially for you

Each Hero Arm is unique, just like you. We take a 3D scan of your limb, use clever software and design to manufacture your Hero Arm using tough Nylon 12. The full prosthesis is robust, and the innovative socket is comfortable, adjustable and breathable, making it easy to take on and off while providing you with the best fit.  

3D printed prosthetic arm

Intuitive and effortless

With the Hero Arm, enjoy technology at your fingertips. Special sensors within the Hero Arm detect muscle movements, meaning you can effortlessly control your bionic hand with intuitive life-like precision. Also, haptic vibrations, beepers, buttons and lights provide you with intuitive notifications to help you control bionic arm movements.

Kim smith using the Hero Arm to eat

I don’t think I’ve had my sleeve down since I’ve had the Hero Arm. – Bionic Beverley

Lightweight, powerful, strong

Through advanced engineering we have developed the most lightweight bionic arm on the market with the standard size Hero Hand weighing just 340g (12oz). With long-lasting batteries and super sleek design, the Hero Arm will feel like part of you. And it’s strong too, able to lift up to 8 kg (17.64 lbs), allowing you to make the most out of the everyday. 

Your arm, your rules

The Hero Arm is whatever you want it to be. With over 50 swappable magnetic covers, the Hero Arm is an extension of your personality. Switch up your style to match your mood, as with your Hero Arm you will receive one set of free covers. Choose from a wide range of styles including Star Wars BB-8 and R2-D2, Marvel Iron Man, Disney Frozen and Deus Ex. 

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Your limb difference is your superpower

We are on a mission to make bionic prosthetics more accessible across the globe, that’s why the Hero Arm is one of the most affordable options available. The Hero Arm is also the first multi-grip myoelectric arm available for children as young as 8 years old living with a below elbow limb difference.

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Multi-grip features

We’ve designed the Hero Arm to give you multi-grip versatility. With 6  easy-to-select grips, you’re in control. Lights, sounds, and vibrations will give you feedback on the status of your bionic arm. We’ve even included a freeze mode, to give you the option to hold the Hero Arm in a static position for no fuss, reliable grip.

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With my new prosthetic arm I can now hold a knife and a fork, I’ve never been able to do that, I’m so happy. – Bionic Tallulah, 8

Precise Control

With proportional control, you decide the speed of finger movements to give you the ability to undertake even the most delicate tasks like picking up an egg with your prosthetic arm. The posable thumb and wrist allow you to undertake everyday tasks that require grabbing tiny objects, or picking items up at odd angles with wrist rotation of 180 degrees.

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Built for your comfort

We make the hand, socket, and Hero Arm and deliver an all-in-one bespoke prosthesis that’s formed perfectly for you. Our industry leading dynamic sockets are breathable for enhanced ventilation and compressible and expandable to give you comfort in various conditions. You can remove sockets giving you ease of care of your prosthesis.

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