NHS Adoption of Multi-grip Prosthetics

March 2022

Open Bionics has been given an opportunity to feedback on a recent proposal to commission multi-grip prosthetics on the NHS. This change could have significant impact on upper limb amputees across the country wanting to access medical devices like the Hero Arm and benefit from free appointments, free repairs, free upgrades. To make multi-grip prosthetics accessible to all, we need to let the NHS know why access to this technology is important.

Have your say by filling out this feedback form and sending it to [email protected] using code 2009 in the subject line.

Deadline is this Saturday 19th March 2022. After this, it will be an eight year wait to give feedback again 🙁

NHS Feedback Form

Make advanced technology accessible to all

If multi-grip prosthetics are commissioned on the NHS, it will allow amputees to have choice on the type of prosthetic solution they are prescribed. Whether you have a child born with a limb difference or lost a limb due to injury, if the NHS commissioned multi-grip prosthetic devices, it will allow people to have access to technology like the Hero Arm regardless of their financial circumstances.