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There’s Something About Mary

“I’ve worn myoelectric, and cosmetic arms before, but the Hero Arm is different. The speed of movement when I move my muscles is instant, which was new to me. When I wear it out, it doesn’t get anywhere near as hot or sweaty. It’s nice to also be able to tighten it on my limb presentation to do different activities. “

Bionic Baker Phoebe

“I used to get anxious almost all the time when meeting new people because I know they will ask questions about my limb difference and I struggled to give good answers. But with the Hero Arm, people usually just want to see it working and it amazes them which makes me feel confident and the worry goes away.”

Meet Phoebe

Bionic Michael

“It’s going to be so great now to be able to hold my phone and still be able to pick something up. I’ll be able to do it with two hands rather than trying to put stuff under my armpit or hold it with my teeth.” – Michael White, 5 month Hero Arm user

Meet Michael