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Turn Your Limb Difference into a Superpower

Meet the Hero Arm: the World's Most Advanced, Lightweight & Affordable Bionic Arm - Available Now

Discover the Power of Adaptive Comfort with the Hero Arm - Versatile multi-grip, intuitive feedback systems and an emphasis on personal comfort. Embrace a transformative daily experience with our advanced and affordable bionic prosthesis, custom made just for you.


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Delivering Superpowers to Over 500 Heroes with Limb Differences

"My son got an iron man arm and has loved it since. He was able to learn how to use his arm within minutes. He is able to enjoy things better than he did before. I am forever grateful for Open Bionics."

"Best decision I've ever made! These talented and compassionate people really listen to their clients and move mountains to ensure your Hero Arm is as in-tune with you and your personality as it can possibly be."

"My experience with Open Bionics was great. The follow up care has been awesome. I have had prosthetic needs since 1987 and this is by far the best yet bar none."

Mel Mar

Beverley Gormley

Bruce Mowrey



Discover the Future of Prosthetics with the Hero Arm: Lightweight, Affordable, and Highly Functional.

The Hero Arm is durable and reliable. This prosthesis is a medically certified and FDA registered Class 1 medical device, and is PDAC approved for insurance reimbursement.

The Hero Arm redefines the boundaries of prosthetic technology. This lightweight and advanced bionic arm enables users to connect with the world around them in new ways while remaining comfortable.. Its multi-grip functionality facilitates diverse interactions with surroundings, making everyday tasks easier.The Hero Arm is the only device that offers ventaliation keeping your skin dry and cool.

Clinically tested and FDA registered, the Hero Arm is a testament to our commitment to safety and quality. With over 500 Hero Arms being used worldwide, it stands as the best selling bionic arm in the UK, and rated highest for user happiness by an independent study.

Affordable Advanced Prosthetics - Cutting-edge technology at an accessible price.

Comfortable All-day Wear - Breathable, ventilated, washable design for extended use.

Enhanced Daily Interactions - Enjoy increased dexterity with multiple grips.

Resilient Design, Reliable Performance - Benefit from high-performance motors and batteries.

Express Your Unique Style - Customize with magnetic cover options.

Easy Device Management - At-home training, video tutorials, and more via the free Sidekick App.

Invest in Quality & Safety - Clinically tested, reliable and FDA registered.



Shape Your Bionic Future Today

Lightweight & Custom Comfort

Experience a personalized fit coupled with an impressively lightweight feel with the Hero Arm. Carefully designed to prioritize your comfort, our unique liner moves as you move, expanding and contracting in harmony with your body. The Hero Arm redefines the concept of prosthetic wear, ensuring superior comfort without the extra weight, all day long.

Multi-Grip Mastery

Master your world with Hero Arm's superior multi-grip capabilities. This advanced functionality hosts six unique grip modes, enhancing your interaction with the environment. The Hero Arm is more than a prosthetic; it's a robotic tool that enhances your everyday life experience.

Lightweight & Breathable

Experience the advantage of the Hero Arm's washable and breathable design. Made from high-performance materials that ensure optimum comfort and easy maintenance, this bionic arm can endure your active lifestyle. It's the perfect ally for those who are always on the move, and it's the only upper limb prosthesis that offers ventilation, allowing air flow to the skin.

Empowering Aesthetics

Showcase your individuality with Hero Arm's bold and empowering aesthetics. Choose from over 50 unique magnetic covers to reflect your style, from Iron Man to R2D2 themes. The Hero Arm doesn't just assist you; it encourages you to make a statement. Your arm, your look, your rules.


Each Hero Arm Comes With

Fixed medical fees

Hero Arm upgrades

Perfect fit promise

Full training

Virtual support team


Kath Tregenna

Kath’s life changed in the lead up to Christmas in 2019 when she caught a fever she couldn’t shake. That night Kath suffered 7-11 cardiac arrests and sepsis spread throughout her body. Her family were by her bed-side and told she wasn’t going to survive. 18-months on and Kath is just coming out of her recovery following a quadruple amputation to save her life. She has been able to go back to teaching with two Hero Arms.

Zak Dubin

10-year-old Zak was born without his left hand. Zak lives in Michigan in the US, with his parents and older sister Mia, and is a huge fan of science fiction movies such as Star Wars and the Avengers. At the end of April 2019, Zak was fitted with a Hero Arm at his local Hanger Clinic in Livonia, and he also received super cool Iron Man covers, just in time for the premiere of Avengers: Endgame.

Sadie Cowdry

31-year old Sadie was born without her left hand. From hooks with pulley systems to heavy bionics, as a child, Sadie’s prosthetics were so unaesthetic and cumbersome that she abandoned them completely. However, two decades later, she was so impressed with the Hero Arm that she successfully raised the funds to get her own. This is her journey.

Daz Fuller

43-year-old Darren ‘Daz’ Fuller is the first military veteran in the world to receive a Hero Arm. Daz, who lives in Colchester, U.K. with his wife and his 4-year-old daughter Sky, enlisted into the Parachute Regiment in 1994 and served for 20 years. In 2008, whilst serving in Helmand Province, he was injured in an incident with mortar ammunition and lost his lower right arm. Daz received funding for his Hero Arm through the NHS Veterans’ Prosthetics Panel, and hopes to be the “first of many”.

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